Took Hesi Exit Exam

  1. I took it yesterday and passed thank goodness. I was really surprised at how difficult it was this time. In the past, these tests have been IMO alot easier than the tests that we take at the program that I am in but not this time. Had lots of peers that didn't make the score and was really shocked b/c some of them are the ones who had the A's and high B's in class.

    We took the Mosby assess test last week and don't know how I did on that but it was difficult as well. So much of it we had never even discussed in school at all.

    So glad that we don't have to "pass" either of these to graduate or else instead of having 94 in our class it would probably be about 20 :chuckle

    Good luck to all of those that still have to take it!!
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  3. by   grentea
    Congrats!!! So it sounds like you're probably going to do well on your NCLEX. I'm sweating the HESI that I have to take in September because I have to pass it with a 90% to graduate. I can't wait until I'm taking my HESI because that will mean I'm almost done!
  4. by   jenrninmi
    Congratulations! So, does this mean the people that didn't pass have to take it again, or does it mean they won't be graduating?
  5. by   grinnurse
    Thanks for the well wishes. Thank goodness all they have to do is remediation on the Hesi site. I think they have to answer questions to 10 case studies-they don't even have to pass them-they just have to do them.......Nuisance (sp) more than anything else for them.
  6. by   RainDreamer
    Congrats!! What a great feeling and a relief I'm sure!!