Too long since A&P, micro, & chem?

  1. Hi all! I am new to posting, so please bear with me if I mess something up. Anyway, here is my dilemma......I have all of my prereq's done for the BSN program that I will be starting in January. Due to a move and other complications, it has been four years since I have had A&P I,II and micro. I am very nervous about starting clinicals and such because I feel that I have forgotten too much. Has anyone else been in this position? Does it all come back to you once you start again or do you get reviewed/refreshed?
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  3. by   TeresaRN2b
    It's been 10 years since I took A&P I&II, but not so long since I took micro & chemistry. With the wait list it's been 2 years since I took those. I honestly wouldn't worry too much. You will be fine. It will come back to you as you will be using it so much. It wouldn't hurt to buy a book to refresh on it though. I bought a couple books to refresh myself, but I am not worried.

  4. by   1701valerie
    i have been working on my nursing degree for the past 25 years. (my husband works for an oil company who loves to transfer us!) the school I am currently in, didn't ask me to take all of the basic courses over (micro, a&p, chemistries, ect). they accepted all of my courses that i had taken through the years. i have just made it through my first year of ADN school and i did fine...all A's actually.

    i think you will do fine too!!! there were a few things i had to refresh myself on (the heart) but all of the rest wasn't a problem. don't worry about really will do well!!!
  5. by   Jennerizer
    I think just the fact that you were able to pass the classes is what matters most. Everything you need to know for the nursing classes regarding those subjects are in your nursing textbooks.
  6. by   1701valerie
    yah, jen is right!