Tommorrow - last day of lab...

  1. AND we just finished our Med/Surg rotations last week! Yeahh!! Tomorrow we test out of NG insertion and sterile dressing change in lab and then lab is finished for this semester! Yeahh! This week we have a break from our clinical rotations, but next week I start Peds. I do want to mention that for my final evaluation for med/surg, my instructor said that my charting and paperwork stood out compaired to the other students and that my confidence and my competance in my skills with my patients showed. I was really happy with that evaluation. Next Monday we also have our second exam of the semester...I'm nervous and I'm trying different techniques since I didn't do so well on my first exam.! Wish me luck! Hope every body is having a good semester! Only 7 weeks left until the end of this semester!!
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    [font=lucida sans unicode]way to go!!!:hatparty: congrats on all that you've done, and all that you are going to do! ~~~~