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  1. Hello. Sounds like our programmes are similar! I have taken that med exam and yes I agree, we SHOULD get it in the first try...BUT...In reality...some ppl have test anxiety pop up on them outta nowhere(as I did!) and fail not once, but 2 times! I got an A in math for admission, but I completely blanked when it came to"OK you have half an hour and can only get 1 wrong" I FREAKED! I must say, I kinda resent the fact that you said what you did in your post regarding the test. I do however, completely agree that we cannot have these errors once we are giving meds. I feel for anyone who has this happen to is very upsetting ...but S%#T happens and you pick up and continue your battles! No hard feelings, just, as a nursing student, you should try to be conciderate of other ppl and keep in mind we are go at it our own way! Good Luck in your program! P.S. what semester are you in?
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  3. by   Ortho_RN
    try having to make 100 on it every semester.. That is enough test anxiety in itself to make someone "oops" on a question...
  4. by   NurseShell
    Point taken...sorry I offended you guys...I guess it's just that I get irritated with the "types" of mistakes that are being made in my particular class...seriously, "I didn't understand what you meant by 'ordered'" WHAT??!?! How did you get this far!!

    My lab partner - who does very well on everything - missed one on the last test because she forgot it was coming and it threw her...that's not what I mean...or the typical stress reaction to the word "test" - don't mean that either...

    What I meant was the people who are totally lost and can't figure out how to calculate how much to give their patient in a cut and dry question...THAT'S what I'm seeing in my class and it kinda scares me - and incidentally, those same people are the one's who complain about having to get 100%

    Oh, and I'm in 2/4 semester - not counting all the prereqs of A&P, micro, chem, etc (they don't count that in our program for some reason)


    p.s. did I make it worse? or did that help any?
  5. by   RNinRubySlippers
    Thanks for the response Shelly! And the clarification...I hear ya though, about the ones who just dont get all...You have 4 semesters hey? I have seven! You must be getting your diploma? I am doin the Bachelors thing...Good Luck in all you do and remeber...Support a fellow nursing student with encouragement whenever we can!
  6. by   NurseShell
    Yes, I'm getting my ADN next Spring and then Winter 2004 I will be in the RN to BSN program at UOP (which is right down the street from me) and then (after my minimum 2 years experience with BSN) will be applying to several local MSN/CNM programs. I am 32 now, my goal is to be a CNM before I turn 40!

    Good luck to you too! I couldn't afford to go straight into a BSN program right now (I have 3 kids, etc) so this is my best option...I'm glad you can do it that way right off the starting line!! GO FOR IT!! You sound determined to succeed and that will make you an AWESOME nurse!!! You can take care of me and mine anytime with that kind of wonderful attitude!!