To go or not to go this is the question! HELP

  1. I have been accepted into a RN program. My problems are these: I do not have the money to purchase and do all the things they require their students to do. and the other is my husband works at the college as a director. Now here are the questions I have: should I even go to this college where my husband works. what if he makes an instructor mad or a fellow student because of a ticket or something. Then me and my GPA pays the price. Also should I begin so soon in college taking out loans? There is another college I could get into and aid would pay for it all. However it would mean a year longer before I begin RN classes and in turn working with people. Any advice on this matter would be great. Thanks for your time.
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  3. by   Mister Chris
    [QUOTE=RNstudent,wife&mom]I have been accepted into a RN program.

    From a mere male nurse, go for the college where your hubby will not be in a position to cause any embarrasment. Go for the money and independence even if it is an extra year. At least then you will be able to say you did it all yourself. I am sure that you (and your family) will benefit because of the extra year anyway!

    Whatever you decide I am sure that you will succeed. Thank you for being so brave and keen to join the ranks of REGISTERED NURSE.

    Good Luck
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  4. by   Stitchie
    I don't know where you are posting from, but when I started school, in IL, I was able to pay for a a class here, a class there w/o a problem since I was still working. After that I needed to take out loans, once nursing classes started, and it became much more expensive for me.

    Your husband's position should make little difference if he doesn't have direct involvement in the nursing program. Aside from that, I'd stay quiet about the relationship, since it can become an issue for other students.

    I think that if you want to pursue nursing don't let the financials scare you off. Yes, it's expensive, but there's help out there, and sometimes the hospitals will grant you loan reimbursement incentives when you start working for them. There's lots of help available financial-wise, whatever you decide to do.

    Another option is to go to work for a hospital as an aid, which will give you v.valuable experience, as well as tuition reimbursement to help get you over the financially difficult part.
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  5. by   Indy
    Umm... hmm. In my program, one of the instructors' daughter is currently attending the program. So far, so good... her mom taught us actively during first quarter but made sure her daughter not only wasn't in her clinical group, she was doing clinicals at another hospital.

    I'd say as long as your hubby won't be teaching you or have anything to do with your grades, you should be fine. It's against the principles of academic integrity for something he does to adversely affect your grades. I do think nursing instructors are familiar with nursing "running in the family" so to speak. A few of my classmates have moms or aunts that work or worked with some of the instructors. Also some other students are techs in the hospitals the instructors may work in. This doesn't seem to affect their test grades or their clinical experiences.

    That aside, I understand you have more factors to consider... good luck in school, whichever location it is!