To everyone that has had experience with student loans!!

  1. I am in desperate need of your help! I know there has to be some other people out there that have gone through nursing school and had to take out a loan for tuition, books AND living expenses.

    Here is my situation...I have received federal loans through my community college that will cover my tution and my books. Like many, when I start nursing school I will not be able to work very much so I have to take out loans for some big bucks to cover my the rest of living expenses (roughly $10,000). What did you do??

    I am aware of getting private or supplemental loans to cover living expenses, but the lenders that I have contacted have told me that the supplemental loans will only cover the remainder of the tuition and books that the federal loan did not tution and books are covered by this loan, so what do I do??

    I have heard of people getting the supplemental loans beyond what their tuition and books cost, but they went to universities, not community colleges.

    I am not sure if things work the same in places outside of Texas, but if anyone can give me any insight into this then please do! I don't understand why I am having such a difficult time with this! I have gotten loans through universities before and it was nowhere NEAR this exhausting and time consuming.

    Also, has anyone dealt with the student lender Astrive by any chance? I was told to check that out, but inside info would be better than checking the website so I get the REAL deal.

    Thanks a million in advance and I appreciate it!
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  3. by   FionaSophia

    i recently was in the same situation that you are in. What they are telling you is not true. You can get certified loans up to the cost of attendance. I go to a school that is 1000 dollars a quarter and my projected cost of attendance is 14500 a year. So after my federal loans I am able to get "certified loans" which are not AS low as federal, but still decent up to 14500. If you need more money beyond that there are plenty of uncertified student loans that you can get. Don't let anyone scare you, there is always more money to be borrowed when you want to be a nurse.

    Good luck!

    Google private student loans, you should have some decent luck.
  4. by   SpiceChick01
    If you go to you can apply right now, OR you can call the 800 # on the site tomorrow, see what the full loan amount for your junior college is, and apply for it. They send the loan money directly to you within 2 weeks, and you don't have to deal with the school at all. But, it is based on your credit. If yours is good, you can apply alone, otherwise, they ask for a cosigner. Hope this helps!