To all the 2002 graduates

  1. I have a e-card for all the 2002 graduates! So if you are interested I have sent the card to myself so I can copy and paste it on to here for you all the link is down below and in case the first link don't work the instructions are included so you can retrieve the e-card through that way.


    We wanted to let you know that Tonya created a e-card for you. To see your card, click the link below, or copy and paste this link into your Web browser's address line:

    If you have trouble using the link we provided, please follow these steps:

    1. Click this link to go to our homepage, or copy and paste it into your browser's address line:
    2. Click on the "e-cards and cards" link.
    3. Click on the "browse free e-cards" link in the e-cards section of the page.
    4. Click on the link on the upper left hand side of the page that says "pick up a greeting".
    5. Enter your email address and this retrieval number: EG531318923591. This e-card will be available for 60 days.
    6. If you'd like to send an e-card yourself, use the "send your own greeting" button beside the e-card.
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  3. by   bassbird
    :d [font=courier new]thank you for the nice card and wishes!!! :d

    our final is monday at 8am, pinning ceremony wed at 5pm and friday at 6:30 we graduate!!!!
    congratulations to all of my fellow grads!!!:hatparty:

    roberta (sn for 1 more week!)
  4. by   sf5391
    Thanks for the E card I too will graduate this week! To us all PASS BOARDS X1 !!!!!!!!!!