1. I know I've asked this before, but I'll try again...anyone attending or applying to Thomas Jefferson U? I just finished up my application. Anyone else in the Philly area?
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  3. by   Erinkate2959
    Yes, I am a student at TJU. What program are you applying for? I am in the FACT program- an accelerated program for second degree students. If you have any questions I would be happy to try to answer them for you.
  4. by   hafsa44
    I'm in the philly area but i attend methodist nursing school. I'm attending my second semester there.
  5. by   Tigger100S
    ErinKate-I'm applying for the upper-divisional full-time pre-licensure BSN program. How are you liking your program/the university as a whole? Sounds like your program is super challenging!
    Hafsa- I have seen Methodist at nursing school fairs and the like. How are you enjoying your school as well as the Philly area?
  6. by   Erinkate2959
    Tigger100S, I love Jefferson Hospital. Compared to other hospitals I have been to, they are really advanced and there is usually a lot going on around there. You will really like it. As for the school, while I can't speak for your program, but ours really didn't start out too great. It is getting better though. It is the first time they have tried this type of program so it is kind of a trial and error thing right now. But I am sure yours will be much better. Most of the teachers there are really great. Good luck to you.
  7. by   sanrionjb
    I'm at TJU too. Wow, small world!
  8. by   hafsa44
    Methodist is okay you have to be well prepared and know your stuff the instrutors can be tough but it's for the best. I really enjoy it. It's alot of clinical and less theory but I enjoy that.
  9. by   EmeraldNYL
    I'm in the accelerated BSN program at Drexel (MCP Hahnemann). Also slightly disorganized because our program is only in it's 2nd year, but profs are really receptive to feedback. It is a really challenging program.
  10. by   nicoleinphilly

    I'm currently going to Delaware County community college and actually have a few people in my class that went through Jefferson and left because they absolutley hated it. I dont know all the details, but theres about 3 or 4 in my class and I hear alot of bad stuff about it. If youre going for your RN, not your BSN.....go to DCCC. ITs cheappppppppp....only about $800 a semester and its an EXCELLENT program. NOw again, Im only telling you what people in my class told me about Jefferson, so I dont know first hand. Whatever you decide, good luck to you!

    originally posted by tigger100s
    i know i've asked this before, but i'll try again...anyone attending or applying to thomas jefferson u? i just finished up my application. anyone else in the philly area?
    hiya tigger,
    just wanted to tell you that i've returned your pm...sorry it took sooo long...but you'll be able to figure-out why in my message.

    any road...merry christmas & happy new one & all.

    moe....tju class of '03
  12. by   TheBrainMusher
    I'm interested in the accel BSN program at TJU, ifyou attend that program ... I have a ton of questions. I tried to PM ErinKate, but I"m not sure if there is anyone else out there that could help me! Thanks!
  13. by   katgurl77
    I live in Philly too! I applied to all the Rn programs, except Methodist, but I know someone who is transferring from the Comm. COllege to the accelerated program there. He's is really busting his butt, but its a real good program from what I hear. Jefferson is supposed to be THE health college. Good Luck ( I guess I wasn't too much help )
  14. by   TheBrainMusher
    no thanks for the info. At least i know people are going to jefferson. I guess I'm trying to figure out if Hahnaman or Jefferson is better, like with the health network/hospital network ...