Tired, Frustrated, and angry...and I just started!

  1. I dont mean to rant here, but I have to let get this off of my chest...MATH IS NOT MY FRIEND! I hate math! Why do I need this? Im just starting my classes and am taking some prerequisites to actually get into the Nursing program, and math is on my plate this semester...Algebra...I hate it! I am so lost in there, but when I was in high school way back when (1985), I loved algebra. I cant figure it out. I have lost either my mind, my sanity, or my ability to do this, but something got lost between that fun time in high school and now. I had a test last week in this class and scored an 81...a B...you would think a guy would be happy with a B, but I studied my tail off to barely get that B!

    <sigh>...I guess Im just frustrated and angry that I cant do this like I once could. And just think, if something that I used to LOVE has made me turn against it and hate every fiber of it's being, what in the world are these nursing classes going to do to me? Im gonna go insane before I get that degree.

    Anyone have any Paxil?

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  3. by   kcsun3

    When I returned to school after a 10 year absence, my first prereq was algebra. On my first exam, I got a 75%. I about flipped out. I had always been an A student, and C was not in my vocabulary. When I took that first exam, I was like, "where did all this come from? Did I even study the same chapters or what?" I felt like you do - like I had lost my touch when it came to school stuff - very disheartening.

    Anyway, it took me a few weeks to find my stride and I ended up getting an A in the class and have been doing great ever since. I just needed to get back into practice and used the first test to learn my instructor's testing style (that's half the battle in any class, I believe).

    Don't let this first test throw you off track - you're going to do just great, I promise!

  4. by   nrselisa
    I was terrified of math!!! I bought a book by Princeton Review, I think it was called Math Made Easy (or something like that). It was a great help. I ended up with an A in that class. It might be worth the try.
  5. by   vfib
    I guess too, it is a combination of working a full time job, trying to study and running a hosting business also (thank GOD for good friends who are helping me with the hosting business!)...this is all just wearing me down, I guess...sleep, that is what I need!