Time management in nursing school

  1. Hi fellow nurses
    i have one questiong
    can you tell me how you did in nursing school?> was it hard for you? Did your life changed? Did you pass all day long studing? Did you practice for the tests from nclex books?
    Lol it wasnt only one question thank youuuu and sorry for the bad speeling
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  3. by   mermcm83
    Well, I am still in nursing school, I graduate in April, but no I never spend all day studying, I designate a time to study, and then do a little bit all day, taking lots of breaks. My life definately has changed, but for the better. I am learning so much, and everyday I am honestly hungry to learn more. It is hard, but if you do what you are supposed to do, Listen, and Read, you will do fine. I do read and answer the questions in the Nclex book, it is good information that you will use, and also atitesting.com....my school uses this website for all of our testing, and we currently have a 100% pass rate....I love it so far, just ready to graduate....
  4. by   butterfly134
    Im still in nursing school too and it has changedd my life for the better!!! It is so much fun. I found that I learned a lot in clinical skills classes because we all got involved and it was really interesting.I studied but not extremely hard. However I must admit that I didn't really find anatomy and physiology hard to learn, everyone has something they are good at and well thats my thing. For summer exams I would write a list of EVERY chapter from EVERY subject I had to learn. Say I had 2 study weeks, I would divide the number of chapters on the list by 11. So say I would probably have to study about four chapters a day. Then on the few days before the exam started I would flick through everything again. Then the night before every exam I would flick through the chapters again. Its a really good way to study...well I think so anyway. Just make sure you are learning things as you go along. Make time for your favourite tv shows, a night out with your friends and also a trip to the cinema or a movie night in. These are something to look forward too and are possible to include into your schedule. I always make sure that essays and assignments are done well in advance of the due date. I do them to the best of my ability and it does take up time but I try to be as interested in it as I can. Nursing school is great, I've had no problems with classmates, made loads of friends and a few really good friends. Clinicals can cause ya to be a bit nervous but are lots of fun most of the time.

    Basically just get involved, make new friends, have fun, study consistently and make study plans when exam time comes around, ask questions, learn and dont be afraid to ask for help!!! best of luck
  5. by   kitty222
    wow i loved your butterfly134, i have exams every monday, right now im doing respiratory care, nutrition, physical assesment and vital signs, i get really frustrated since in the beginning i wasnt focused enough in school so right now i feel really lost, like i know less than everyone in the class, but im trying to keep up, any advice for that
  6. by   newnursejoan
    I did my BScN in Ontario, Canada, I agree it does change your life. You will live and breathe nursing during your undergraduate degree. I too didn't study day and night. That said, it will be in your best interest to constant and consistent studying. Developing good habits such as daily studying will help keep you on top of your readings and assignments. It will make it that much easier to keep up with the pace of nursing school. I was always amazed how quickly the end of my semester came. Naturally, at the end of the semester comes exams and all major assignments. When you do your readings it's really easy to become overwhelmed, because there is truly an overwhelming amount to complete. Just make sure you read whats important, which usually revolves around class content and your syllabus objectives. Good luck and stay focused. As long as you work everyday, you will be successful!
  7. by   tech1000
    Yes, my life changed drastically! I went from having a lot of free time to not having any. I studied all day maaaany days out of the last 2 years. And by all day, I mean I'd start at 10am and finish around 5 or 6. Or I'd study from when I got home at 2pm and study till 10pm. It was hard because of how much time it consumed, but I knew it was temporary. I almost never did NLCEX questions either.