This Third Semester... SUCKS!!

  1. The second semester flew by.. and already on to the third.. and my god it is horrible! Not as in horrible that's aweful, but more of it's hard stuff! The classes are Med/Surg I and Pharm. Now the Med/Surg hospital clincial was s'posed to start today (jan 11th) but are pushed back to jan 29th or so (which is good cuz my 21st is the 25t and i sure wanna live it up:biere. But I am disappointed that I'm not playing with real live people yet . Now the Pharm.. a quiz every week.. no fun. But enough complain'n.

    But anyways, I'm dreading the work, yet I know it'll be worth it in the end. So everyone else that's almost done!!! congrats and enjoy.
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  3. by   Future_Nurse_Natalie
    Pharm... It was def not the most fun class. Hang in there this semester! It won't seem like it now but it will fly by!
  4. by   ms. ky.
    Just wait till the fourth semester!! We start back on Tuesday with two days of clinicals per week, and lecture twice a week - then we will be having research papers, care plans, community work, NCLEX review last nine weeks.
    We lost over half our class the second semester! I'm in the ADN Program at Morehead State University in KY. Just study every spare minute, and give up any social life you may have and you'll be fine - and never take Nursing School lightly. What we are learning now is just a beginning for us and if it wasn't challenging than anyone could be a nurse (think about that, scary, huh?)