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I just finished my 2nd med surg 2 exam and thankfully I passed ! :yeah: However, I did not like some of the questions, so I thought I'd post them here and you guys can either help me understand what... Read More

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    you gotta love some of these dementia patients. we had the cutest little confused dementia resident that would wander up to the nurses station when we were busy and stand very politely waiting to be noticed. it was interesting to watch the response of these patients to the way they were treated. some of the cnas who were tired and frustrated with him would say, "what do you want now?" or "i told you to go back to your room." he would say he wanted to make a reservation for dinner. what i used to do is look at him very sincerely and ask what i could do for him. "i want to make a dinner reservation." "i can do that," i would say, and pick up the phone and act like i was placing a dinner reservation for him. i would ask him how many people were in his party and he would tell me. when i was through i would tell him he had a reservation for the 5 pm seating and someone would come and escort him to the dining room when it was time. he was happy with that and would go back to his room. the point is that he was having anxiety over this dinner reservation issue and some didn't recognize it. whether it was a real thing or not, it was the anxiety that needed to be addressed and not his disorientation. in some patients it could have led to a flare up of violence. the cnas who worked in our alzheimer's unit were specially picked for their calm demeanor. the patients in the alzheimer unit were allowed to wander and the cnas needed to be flexible to rules and procedures because things had to be done by the resident's schedules. if a resident wanted to eat at 2am then that is what we made happen.
    cute story.