This is so ridiculous

  1. I just got a letter from my nursing school today informing me about Fall senior level orientation and what not, which isn't even until the end of August, and they had the nerve to say, "start reading now, it will be a hard semester." I was so mad, it pretty much ruined my day. Instructors need to calm down and let us kids just have fun for a little while, you know!!!
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  3. by   Charles S. Smith, RN, MS
    Originally posted by tattoochick:
    <STRONG>I just got a letter from my nursing school today informing me about Fall senior level orientation and what not, which isn't even until the end of August, and they had the nerve to say, "start reading now, it will be a hard semester." I was so mad, it pretty much ruined my day. Instructors need to calm down and let us kids just have fun for a little while, you know!!! </STRONG>
    You may as well get used to it now. Once you are a nurse, your real education begins and it gets more arduous still...Could it be that your instructors are protecting your best interests by encouraging your early preparation, especially since you will be in senior clinicals?
  4. by   wsiab
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Charles S. Smith, RN, MS:

    I agree with Charles Smith, we received reading lists from our instructors a few weeks before the semester started in nursing school. The problem was that half the class was not home at the end of the summer. We had short semesters and in order to get in all of the information, we were expected to have our reading started and be prepared for lecture on the first day of class. Sending the lists out this early may be their way of ensuring everyone recieves the informaion and has enough time to start reading. Reading between semesters keeps up your momentum, helps cut down on the lengthy reading assignments during the semester and helps make good use of the lecture time on the first day of school. My best advice would be to take advantage of the early warning and start picking away at the readings, you don't want to start the semester off scrambling to catch up. It may be frustrating to have to spend some of your summer reading and studying for school, but it's not uncommon and nursing school takes up a lot of your spare time.
  5. by   JenKatt
    Did you honestly think that after you graduated you would never have to read or do work on your days off? Holidays? Etc? My advice is to lose your attitude. Your instructors don't need to calm down. You are entering a profession where you will be responsible for people's lives, not flipping burgers. You need to understand that your job after graduation is a serious one! If you won't to have fun and not work, get out of nursing now.
  6. by   fiestynurse
    The average or below average students will complain and not do the reading. The above average students will do the reading. It's just another method to weed out the weak.
    When I was in nursing school, I did not take summers off. I took at least one class and worked at a hospital or nursing home as an aide and even a housekeeper on weekends!! However, I still found time to relax and have some fun with my friends.
  7. by   LJoyW_27
    that's bad....but we got our assignments for our next fall semester a week before our spring semester ended!
    i think our instructors are not as sadistic as we would like to think... i think there is a method to their madness.
  8. by   JenKatt
    Do students have an adversion to work? Listen to yourselves! Youi are going into a career in which you are responsible for another human beings life! ANOTHER LIFE! That person is somebody's mother, father, brother, sister, wife, husband, child, etc. If could be someone you know. You are responsible for making sure that everything is done for them that can be done. You are in charge, not the doctor. If you are expecting to run behind a doc taking orders, you are mistaken, often they will ask YOU WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE for this patient. So yes you will have to work hard, harder than you ever thought possible. Your friends who are liberal arts majors will have summers off while you are busting your chops. But they aren't responsible for someone's life, they're responsible for a piece of paper. If you don't want to work hard, get out. Your instructor aren't sadistic, they are making sure that you will be a safe practitioner, that you will have the skills and knowledge to safely and compassionatly take care of your patients. If you don't work your butts off now in school when you go to take the boards you will fail and four years of college will be worthless. What will you say then? Oh sorry, I'll try harder next time? It will be the equivilent of running like a hamster in a wheel. You will work and get no where because it will be a jumbled mess. i know of a few students that I graduated with 2 years ago that never studied and complained about the work non stop. They still ahven't passed boards. One was never given the letter to take boards because she never did pass our colleges exit exam. Don't be like them. Be a good nurse. Work hard, the rewards at the end of this dark tunnel are great. And you can take a vacation then.
  9. by   tattoochick
    Thank you people for the advise and setting it straight. I was just bummed because I worked so hard last semester, and I feel that I need more time to not think about nursing. You are totally right, but this is my last summer before I graduate, and I wanted it to be special, since I've always been in summer classes. Thanks and take care.
  10. by   shyviolet78
    I have a hard time buying the logic that because someone is looking forward to a relaxing summer means that person will be a bad nurse. I understand the importance of staying on top of my classes, and I'm sure the other students here feel the same way. I don't think anyone is trying to cut corners or get out of studying. The funny thing is, about 2 weeks ago I posted a message to the general nursing board about whether I should begin studying this summer for my fall classes and the nurses that replied back seemed to think that it was unnecessary, the advice I was given was to enjoy the summer. Now, because someone is looking forward to a break before gearing up for the fall semester, they don't have what it takes to be a nurse !
  11. by   JenKatt
    Shyviolet: Did your school give you a list of stuff to do this summer? If they didn't, then enjoy your summer, have fun. If they did, do your studying, but still have fun. My point has been all along don't whine about having work to do. It's there for a reason, so you can be on top of what your school is teaching you. Some shools, mine is/ was one of them, gave us reading lists. Our program was structured such that if we didn't ahve the reading done by day 1 of the new semester we were weeks behind. If your program is structured like that, you will be behind playing catch up, because you decided you didn't have to work towards your degree. That does make you a poor student and nurse. You don't want to do what is expected of you.
    On the other hand, if your school doesn't have this requirement, you won't be behind and this conversation is moot, although I would suggest getting your sylabi a week or so ahead of time if you can, get your books and just take a look at them and get an idea of what is ahead of you.
    Just my two cents, I've been there, no how crappy nursing college/ school is, and can tell you the rewards are worth the effort.
    Your misson if you choose to except it......
  12. by   tattoochick
    Wow. Some of you people out there are just plain mean and bitter (and write way too much). And, some of you are very reasonable that makes me glad that you are nurses. I must be lucky to still make good grades and never remember what I read or what I'm doing. But, that doesn't mean I'm weak or not going to make it. And, I could NEVER lose my least I'm fun. Some people just need to take a chill pill, and I'd be happy to give them one!

    "Young and stupid"
  13. by   LJoyW_27
    whoa. i am going to have to agree w/ shyviolet and others on this one. We, as nursing students, know full well what we are getting into. We, as nursing students, realize that we, at some point, will be responsible for the lives of our patients. And above all, we , as nursing students, realize that we are students. We are nursing students, we are not RN's, LPN's or even CNA's at this point. We are not yet responsible for people's lives, we are not even close. Just because we want to have a break from the stresses of classes does not mean that we don't have what it takes to eventually hold people's lives in our hands. Do not pass judgement on us because we look forward to breaks. Do the nurses that work in hospitals look forward to their days off? To their vacations? you know they do. Do not think less of us because we look forward to our vacations. We, as nursing students, realize that we have to take advantage of our time off while we can, because we realize that it will not be long before we don't get these breaks anymore. So please, do not think less of us because we want a break. you all know how difficult nursing school can be. Especially if you are taking classes over your so called don't want more work added on top of that.
    so please, remember, i for one, am young and do not want to spend my breaks doing double the work... and while i am fully aware i have to prepare for my future as a registered nurse. So please, remember, these bulletin boards are for the support and encouragement of the future nurses of our society. Let's try to keep it that way.
  14. by   kbrn2002
    Hey JenKatt, please lighten up a bit! I'm a sr. student also, and I take my studies and my job very seriously-as do most students who've made it this far (these classes aren't exactly easy)! You seem to be implying that nurses have no life outside their career. While I'll agree it's a job filled with responsibilty, I do try to leave work at work as much as possible or I'd burn out. Addressing the original post in this thread-yes, it's frustrating to have to study over the summer, but try to get at least some in, I'm sure it will give you a leg up in the fall.