Thinking ahead about my course of study--please advise if you can!

  1. Okay here's my dilemma...

    I'm starting nursing school in January and I'll be taking Medical Terminology, A&P I, and Nursing Fundamentals--a total of 13 hours.

    If I go by my school's course of study, then over the summer, I would take my first intermediate nursing class (which last half a semester) and A&P II. Then in the fall of 2007, I would take 2 intermediate nursing classes (again, half a semester long) and Micro.

    I got to thinking, well, since I keep hearing how hard it is to take nursing and science classes together, why don't I just take A&P II and Micro over the summer, so when fall comes, all I'll have left in my course of study are my remaining intermediate and advance nursing classes. Also, if I take those science classes over the summer, I will only have to go to school part-time my remaining year and a half of nursing school.

    I just received my financial aid package and I received more than enough loans to pay for spring and summer classes, so that's not a problem. I'm just wondering which situation will bruise my brain the lightest--my vote is to take the remaining sciences over the summer and just concentrate on nursing classes for the remaining semesters.

    What do you guys and gals think? Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks and TGIF!!! :spin:
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  3. by   mysterious_one
    sounds like a good idea , get those science classes out of the way. Nursing courses will keep you busy, with clinicals, careplans and all the reading you will have to do.....
  4. by   Nurse_Diane
    I agree. You will be VERY relieved to have them out of the way before you start your core nursing classes, which will certainly keep you busy.

    That way, you can concentrate and focus you energies solely on your core nursing classes.

    Good Luck!!
  5. by   manofbess
    Sounds like ya'll agree with me...I knew I was doing the right thing! I guess now that means that my summer is going to be pretty wild as I hear that Micro is hard enough by itself, but if it means that I'll have 3-4 solid semesters of strictly nursing classes, then it's worth it in the end. Thanks a lot for taking the time to respond
  6. by   RN1263
    I agree, so you can add me to the list!
  7. by   kukukajoo
    I did it am so glad I did- I see others in my class cramming for tests in A & P and all in a panic when they find out tests in the classes are on the same day!
  8. by   Megsd
    The *only* think I'd caution you about is you said you only have to go half-time the rest of your nursing school... make sure your financial aid won't be reduced or revoked for not being at full-time status. I know some people this really hurt at my old school when they were below full-time.

    That said, even if you DO have to stay full-time, I'd still not do A&P/Micro with your nursing classes. I agree with everyone else... get them out of the way. If you have to stay full time, take yoga or something.
  9. by   kukukajoo
    Check your schools policy- Maybe you will still be FT. I know I am as the Credits for the Nursing courses alone are 12-15 a semester and FT is 12 credits and PT is 6 for us. Works out awesome for me!
  10. by   ALT
    I took A&P II and micro at the same time over the summer and for me it was a breeze. I am thankful now that I did it that way. I cannot imagine taking those classes along with my nursing classes. I got all my non nursing classes out of the way so I all have to focus on now are my NUR classes

    That being said I did get myself into trouble by doing that. My financial aide required I be full time. So I am taking other classes online along with NUR, but next semester to get all my hours I am going to be taking my NUR class along with Abnormal psychology and American History....Pray for me please.
  11. by   manofbess
    Thanks again for all the additional responses. I did decide that I would take A&P II and Micro over the summer. I will be attending a hospital school that has a loan forgiveness program which pays 80 percent of your tuition for that semester on the grounds that you work for the hospital system for a certain amount of time after nursing school (luckily it's a great hospital system!), so if I don't qualify for federal loans/grants, then I can always use the school loan to fall back on. I have a 4-year degree already, so I've probably taken every elective the school offers already Thanks again for the responses!