the struggle

  1. hello, im about to graduate from nursing school. ive accepted a job, it will require moving, the job wants me to work on a temp licence until i take the NCLEX plus take several courses will doing this. so my question is how did you all juggle everything being efficient and still study for the NCLEX?
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  3. by   emmjayy
    I took my NCLEX two weeks after I graduated. That way, I didn't have to balance anything and I ended up not even needing to work under my temporary license. I highly recommend taking NCLEX as quickly as possible after nursing school because the longer you are out, the further away you get from the "NCLEX" mindset. Also, if you're like my entire class, you're going to feel uber-stressed up until you pass, so why prolong the agony? Schedule it quickly, take it, and be done with it so it is off your list of things to juggle.
  4. by   Lipoma
    A temp license isn't worth it imo
    I had a few classmates that paid for it, only to work for 2 weeks then immediately began working under their actual RN license. Just schedule your nclex at the earliest date you can take it.