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I was looking over the required and recommended textbooks for nursing and have counted 22 in all for the duration of school! I still have to get my titers for Varicella, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and... Read More

  1. by   Testa Rosa, RN
    LOL! Are all nursing books cinder block size/weight? And it's not like you can carry them around with you for when you have a moment to study. Plus, at my school, lectures don't come just out of one book--the theory teacher often pulls lectures from the Fundamentals, Med-Surg, Infants & Children and Healthy Aging it's not like you can just dash out the door with one of your books and try to study for next lecture during a quiet moment running errands. My MDF bookshelf is sagging.

    Good idea on the child care thing. My college is at a small extension campus, but I will try listing for childcare at the local high school and the community college. I really need to cultivate sitters--if anything to have someone to call when I need study time. My first semester of nursing school was too hard on the whole family because of this. And each semester is suposed to ramp up.

    Also, my nursing school buddy offered to help me out--her AM clinical is M-W, mine is T-Th....but it's not like she has lots of time on her hands. I will take her up on her offer if DH needs to go on a business trip.

    Happy holidays everyone!
  2. by   1ready2Bnurse
    Hello...the cost is getting me too!! I an in an accelerated 14 month BSN/RN program. The total tuition for the program is $28,000, yes $28,000. I just bought the books to start and that was $1200, then there are the required uniforms, some for this hospital some for others, some for community some for clinicals. Then the shoes, the this, the that, its neverending!! I am going to be in debt so far when I am done. Everyone says it will be worth it and I will make a lot of $, hope so because I got a lot to repay.