The best books

  1. I also mean the easiest books to understand. How about listing all of the books you found helpful during your schooling? I know it would help me out.
    thank you
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  3. by   Rileycat
    Nursing Made Insanely Easy -

    This book is a good supplement to your nursing books. It is a fast, easy read...and it has a ton of acronyms and mnemonics to help you remember everything you learn in class.

    author: Sylvia Rayfield & Loretta Manning
    ISBN #: 0-9643622-2-8
  4. by   Mkue
    Rileycat, wow I've never heard of insanely easy, I do have some of the Incrediby Easy books.


  5. by   berry
    An excellent book to help you through med/surg is "introduction to Critical Care Nursing third edition by Sole, Lamborn, and Hartshorn ISBN 0-7216-8687-7". It is the textbook my school uses for the critical care course. I was reading it at a friend's house, went ahead, and bought because I would need it next semester anyway. It is the easiest textbook I have used so far it cuts out allot of the extra stuff that the med/surg books have. The authors present the meat and potatoes of the body systems and response to different alterations.
  6. by   Brownbetty
    fundamentals of nursing by potter & perry
    sucessful test-taking learning strategies for nurses by sides & korchek
    nursing diagnosis handbook by ackley & ladwig
    whaley & wong's nursing care of infants and children by donna l. wong

    hope this helps
  7. by   RNIAM
    Thank you everyone. The information will be a great help
  8. by   chrisB
    Any good ABG interpretation books/pamphlets out there?
  9. by   StudentSandra

    This is a great explanation in easy to understand terms.