Terrified about Post-Graduation

  1. I feel very unconfidate about graduation, like I really don't know what I'm doing. I know what I'm being taught and I have gotten an excellent referral from my instructor (he works in the ICU), but I have all these doubts, like what should I do if a pt codes on me? I mean yes, call it, but like not knowing what drugs and things are kept on the crash cart. And if I'm working nights and it's just me when do I call the MD, things like this. I just feel like I should know everything and if I don't know everything I'm going to screw up. LOL, I know your thinking I'm like a walking panic attack, lol, no, I just like being prepared for anything and being that I don't know everything, lol, I don't feel prepared.

    So if anyone could give me anything, any tips, any hints, secrets, shortcuts, things that you don't learn until you've been a nurse for a while.

    Thank You so much.
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  3. by   *PICURN*
    I am so sorry I can't be of help to you....because I feel the SAME WAY!

    I graduated in December and start my new job next week in the PICU! I am terrified b/c the more I study for the NCLEX, the less prepared I feel.

    So I guess the only advice to give you is not to feel alone!

    You will never know everything (I am a major perfectionist and need to get over that!), but there will be a time when we both feel comfortable working as RN's........
  4. by   lmcnabbkv
    I think as graduate nurses we are not expected to know it all (neither are seasoned nurses) but we are expected to have a basic foundation. If you made it through school you have this otherwise you wouldn't be where you are!! Just take it one step at a time because learning is a lifelong thing. If you get stressed, take a deep breath and don't get frazzled. If you start to get overstressed that's when you are most likely to make a mistake. I think everyone feels like this at times once you are almost done or are done with school. They say, never get too comfortable and think you know everything, because you can NEVER know everything!!
  5. by   luluann
    Been there! And still there!!! Once you start on a job (if you haven't already) you will become more comfortable with everything. I once heard an instructor say that the true learning doesn't start till we get on the job! I am finding that to be true.

    You made it through nursing school and you will pass your boards because you have that basic nursing knowledge and you know more than you think you know!!

    Remember too, that unless you are working in a very small hospital that there will ALWAYS be someone there with you to ask questions of and you will have an orientation period. Mine happens to be 3 months for sure with a preceptor, then somewhat on my own with "easier" patients. THey said that I can expect to be on the job for a year before I am truly comfortable with everything. And even then there are going to be those "odd" situations that will require me to ask questions.
  6. by   Brenda123
    I am scared too!
  7. by   inland18mempire
    you'll learn all of that "on the job," so to speak. Don't worry, you'll do great! You'll soon find out that much of your job will be about learning how to do the paperwork - something that is not covered in nursing school. Welcome to nursing