Tell me if I am writing these outcome criterias correctly?

  1. they said it needs to be measurable, so i decided to use a care plan book to make the job easier since the care plans are due tomorrow.
    so i decided to use a care plan book and use the outcome criteria's they have listed in there. and i notice that the outcome criteria are not really measurable. (but i decided to use it anyways, and added some stuff on "SOME" of the outcome criterias to make it measurable) here is what i have so far, the outcome criterias tell me if they sound right, because i copied it exactly from the book.

    Will identify and verbalize symptoms of anxiety such as vague uneasy feelilng, uncertainties by end of clinical day.

    Will demonstrate some ability to reassure self by end of clinical day.

    Will demonstrate ways to manage or reduce anxiety by end of clinical day

    -Will have decreased pain level from 7/10 to 3/10 by the end of clinical day.

    -Will demonstrate understanding of pain and the myths about pain medication by end of clinical day.

    -Will state current pain medication being taken, including route and some of the major side effects by end of clinical day.

    Ineffective tissue perfusion:
    Will demonstrate adequate tissue perfusion as seen by warm skin and abscense of respiratory distress by end of clinical day.

    Will verbalize understanding of 2 treatment regimen which includes: Folic Acid and hydration

    Will identify changes in lifestyle to avoid decrease oxygen supply to bod
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  3. by   Carolanne
    Sounds good to me, all reasonable short term goals to meet. I don't know how old your patient is, but in the case of the elderly, they might not be as clear on medications and side effects as a younger person would.
  4. by   theblondeone
    Alot of depends on what your instructor's mean by "Measurable". The outcomes you have written are all good outcomes. Some of the outcomes I pulled out of a NANDA format careplan book are:

    For instance Pain, "The patient will have decreased pain as evidenced by pt's statement that pain has decreased from 7/10 to 3/10 within 1 hour" and/or, as evidenced by improved mobility within 2 hours, statement of increased comfort within 2 hours, improved rest/sleep within 12 hours, etc.

    or Improved Tissue Perfusion

    "The patient will have increased tissue perfusion as evidenced by capillary refill <3 seconds, improved warmth and decreased peripheral edema from 13cm to 11 cm within 2 hours. "

    As I wrote previously, it all depends on what your instructors are looking for, but the more specific you are as far as time and measurability, the better. I've gotten in the habit of adding at least two assessment findings to show improvemnt after as evidenced by. I try for two objective, but as will pain, subjective and one objective. Also, I try to add specific times because, take pain for instance, if you give pain meds at the beginning of your clinical day, say 0700 and the end is 1200, you would hope the pt. didn't have to wait 5 hours for relief. If within 1 hour (or peak time according to med book for particular pain med) the patient isn't stating relief, you would need to reassess and take a new action: new pain med order, comfort measures, etc. The more you put into your outcomes and evaluations, the easier it is to evaluate your goals. Goal met, goal partially met (maintain goal), goal not met (reassess and add new actions).

    You're outcomes and expectations are good!! I hope you don't think I'm criticizing you, I certainly don't mean to. For me, I've found the more specific I am on the front end, the easier it is on the back end!! Don't ya love the care plans? lol
  5. by   Wheaties
    thats good point, i didnt even look at how fast the pain medication will take effect. i guess the right way to say it is "within 1 hours or 2"