Taking notes on a laptop?

  1. I have a laptop available to me while I'm in school and wondered if anyone else uses a laptop in class to take notes on?? Is this something that is helpful? I can type about 70 wpm, so keeping up isn't an issue, but I'm wondering if I'll end up reverting back to writing my notes....

    I'd love to hear opinions on this...

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  3. by   shellsgogreen
    hey, I don't actually use my laptop in class, but I've been thinking about for this next semester....I know somebody who did that last one, and she typed as many WPM as you mentioned, and man, her notes were amazing - she typed EVERY FREAKIN' word our professor had said! ( she passed, btw!)
    I just worry that my computer will freeze up at a crucial moment....so I am tempted to stick with a pen, paper and digital recorder...hmm......
  4. by   moongirl
    the two students in our class that used laptops both failed the program in the first semester.
  5. by   shellsgogreen
  6. by   SchiwartRN
    my thoughts exactly...LOL...

    here's another question...if someone has taken notes on a laptop in your class, how annoying was it to the other students...ok, not annoying...distracting is a more polite term..
  7. by   isabing
    I had to sit through several classes listening to the clickety-clack of the one person in our whole nursing program taking notes on her laptop. It just about drove me crazy! That's all I have to say about laptops in class. :angryfire
  8. by   shellsgogreen
    It only distracted us at first, as she had this sort of process...heh....but you know what, we got over it, class was just going too fast !
    What semester are you in?
  9. by   SchiwartRN
    Thanks...I'm all for technology...believe me...but I'd rather take my notes with pen and notebook than to irritate an entire class with my key tapping....that makes a big difference.
  10. by   Imafloat
    I used a laptop during some classes and I think it was great. I would go into the powerpoint program and type notes in the notes section of each slide. I don't think it annoyed other students, at least not more than listening to other people talk. Plus if they were annoyed it was smoothed over when I sent them my notes. Nobody ever complained, and I made A's....
  11. by   SchiwartRN
    I'm beginning my first semester of a two year ADN program. I've used the last two semesters to get my science and general ed requirements taken care of...All A's and B's..gpa of 3.77. I'm not sure about what's going to work best for me..I may start out with pen and paper and see how it all goes from there. Classes begin on Tuesday.
  12. by   SchiwartRN
    I know at least one of the instructors uses PP slides, so that is worth giving a try too...so much to think about..LOL.
  13. by   shellsgogreen
    Hey, good luck with that Sonya! I would go with what you feel comfortable with,especially in the beginning....maybe practice typing up the notes at home and see how that works for you....I'm still with you on the pen/paper thing though...LOL
  14. by   moongirl
    Couldnt hear them type. Only thing that was annoying was their power cords stretched across the back aisle to the plug in