Taking blood pressures

  1. I'm having a horrible time taking blood pressures for some reason. I'm not able to hear well through the instructor's "shared" stethoscope. i'm not sure if this is a technique problem or actually a problem hearing? I seem to do okay most of the time with my own stethoscope. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Right now, I'm feeling pretty discouraged. 1st year, 1st quarter student.
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  3. by   MIA-RN1
    have you explained it to the instructor? It might be that the room is too loud or the steth is no good. Or maybe your patient is one that is hard to hear.
    A way to check yourself might be to take a manual in one arm on your own and the dynamapp on the other arm and then compare. Or have your instructor take it in the other arm at the same time as you.
    It gets easier, I promise!
  4. by   chrisg0705

    I had the exact same problem. First, buy your own stethescope and spygomometer and take a friends BP. See if you can hear well doing it this way. I found out I was letting the valve out too much, so I couldn't hear well. Also, practice, practice, practice! When I went to test out, I was also really worried about using the instructor steth too. Turns out I could hear perfectly fine, it was just technique.

    Good luck.

  5. by   RNsRWe
    Hang in there! It takes practice, that's all. I remember in the beginning using that contraption I had to have utter silence or I couldn't hear a danged thing. Then after a bit, I could hear even with a little background noise. Now, I take BPs with the patient's tv going and his roommate having visitors!

    Actually, that reminds me of something a 3rd semester student tipped me about when I was in 1st: Once you know what you're supposed to be hearing, practice taking BPs WITH background noise (radio, mild tv). You're working harder initially to hear it, but after awhile it becomes so easy...after all, hospitals aren't quiet places

    Best of luck to you!
  6. by   AnnieJac
    I had that exact same problem. I bought a ear senstive steth. and I love it. My instructor has no problem letting me use that instead of hers with the two thingies. Now I'm fine with it, using my own anyway. I also use my own BP cuff because the ones on the wall seem so far away and you have to turn your head and stuff, so I carry my own. It makes it easier.
  7. by   FirstYear2005
    i had the same problemtoo , now i have no problems. just practice and you will be fine. you'll have to practice at home, and DO get your own steth, cuff,etc. the ones our school had were not the greatest.
  8. by   OhioMTCRN07
    Thanks so much for the responses. I was feeling pretty low yesterday. I'll be practicing at home and also plan to have my hearing tested just to be sure. As a kid, I had ear infections, one after another so wonderiing if this may contribute to the problem.