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Well, tommorrow is the day I take my first crack at baby boards....eep!! :eek: Anyone else have this coming up? And does anyones elses school make passing baby boards a requirement for graduating... Read More

  1. by   RNsomeday
    Thank for the imput...the baby boards is the one they give you second semester???
  2. by   legsmalone
    Originally posted by RNsomeday
    Thank for the imput...the baby boards is the one they give you second semester???
    I suppose it depends on the school, we get a few chances to take them our last two quarters prior to graduation...

    ...and I am happy to say I passed my first try, woot!
  3. by   mark_LD_RN
    Originally posted by legsmalone
    Rates got low when the curriculum was adjusted and clinicals rearranged for a few years, but we are in the 90% and up range for pass rates...both schools in my area make a big deal out of these things, I assumed it would be the same elsewhere.
    They don't try to fail us out, but they do make it a requirement, in all the yers they have used the baby boards, no one hasn't graduated due to not passing. I would hope that at this point they wouldn't try to weed us out, CA needs to many nurses!

    you are correct most schools do make a big deal out of pass rates on boards it has to do with accreditation and funding. our program juniors take a pre HESSI which is a form of NCLEX, must pass to go on to senior yr, then after last class they take the HESSI exam and student must get 96 % to go on to do 200 hour preceptorship after preceptorship take exit exam need score of 97 % to graduate. you get 2 chances at it if fail second one student has to take a NCLEX review course and can retake test until they get 97% on it to graduate. his may sound hard. but Our students are well respect at the local hospitals and we have had 100% pass rate for 5 of the last 6 yrs. only one yr did we have one student fail which left us with 94% pass rate that yr.

    In our program it is not an attempt to weed out the student. the first one is a diagnostic test it shows the students weaknesses and we tailor extra teaching and materials to that students weakness. the last ones are to prepare student for NCLEX and to make sure they can pass it. if you notice each student has as many tries to pass as needed. so don't jump to the conclusion they are weeding you out. they just want to give you the best chance of passing and suceeding in the real world also.as an instructor we are not out to get the student, but we want you to be competent and represent your program well