Surviving Nursing School: Possibly the most difficult endeavor of your life! - page 3

Whether you're now applying to nursing schools or are in your last semester of nursing school, you've probably had doubts about your ability to succeed. These doubts may be nagging, little twinges... Read More

  1. by   truckinusa
    My number one tip is lots of NCLEX questions. You can only ask the the same question a few different ways. My teachers supposedly write test questions, but I have found extremely similar ones in my NCLEX study guide books.
  2. by   SCLARK
    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! This has really helped me. I start NS on the 20th and I'm so excited! I've got 2 weeks to prpare my house and family for this journey and all it's difficulties! We all start school. My baby starts Kindergarten, I start NS, and my hubby will be teach a course for folks to become personal trainers! God is good, and I know he will help us through it all. He's gotten me this far.
  3. by   Stephalump
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  4. by   kjr1421
    I needed this!! Sometimes that negative inner voice is loud, but I plan on keeping it in check and being positive. I love the studying together with my kids idea. It is better than watching t.v. together. Very encouraging!