Suffolk County Community College Spring 2018

  1. Hello! I applied to the Spring 2018 evening program at Suffolk and am anxiously awaiting my admissions letter! Anyone know when we may start receiving them???
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  3. by   TheFreckledRN
    Hi Jenna
    I never applied to Suffolk, however, did (almost) apply to Queensborough Community College (QCC) nursing program. The reason I did not do it because they told me to apply in Spring 2016... They said that to me in Fall of 2014 with me having a GPA of 3.65 some of my prerequisites done with experience working at nursing home. Because SUNY and CUNY have affordable tuition and good reputations make they VERY compative. I know at QCC accepted around 100 applications out 1000's. Your GPA and having most or all your non-nursing classes done will hopefully get you in. Try to see if there's an open house for the nursing program and ask them what percentage of students get accepted and finish.
    Hope this is helpful and good luck!
  4. by   imhorsemackerel
    I was told late September to early October. Hopefully it's not later than that! I've been quite anxious lately just waiting.
  5. by   TerryL428
    When I called in late July, I was told we would get notification "well after" the start of the Fall Semester... so somewhere late September to late October. I applied to SCCC since May, so waiting all of these months has really been nerve wrecking. Good luck to all.
  6. by   imhorsemackerel
    I'm becoming a bit impatient and called this afternoon. I was told mid-October. At least September is almost over!
  7. by   Dana_R
    Called again today and the lady was nasty, assuming she's sick of these calls, but she said mid October. The wait is killing me. What did you all get on the TEAS?
  8. by   imhorsemackerel
    reading 89.4
    math 87.5
    science 74.5
    English and language 87.5
    Considering I was sick on and off that whole month and didn't get to make time to study as much as I wanted to, I was happy with the result. But now I'm not sure where to think I stand for the LPN-RN program. I've wanted to CLEP the US History test ASAP, but work has just been so demanding. At least it's distracting me for short moments at a time while I wait.
  9. by   ngulino33
    Im happy I found this thread ! I'm so on edge waiting to hear from them. I hope they send them soon. I'll post as soon as I hear anything. I got an 80.7 on the TEAS.
  10. by   Dana_R
    Those scores should definitely get you guys in! I know many people who got in with mid to high 70s in the fall, although there are less seats for the spring I think you've got a pretty good chance being in the advanced category. I retook it in July and got a 90 and am hopeful but my anxiety won't let down until I get that letter! Fingers crossed we hear something asap! Good luck to you all!
  11. by   LPNphyllisB
    Omg Suffolk is driving me mad waiting to find out if I was accepted into their LPN to RN program..... what I'm not understanding is if it all depends on the 100 point scale why does it take them so long to send out letters to the top 24 LPN applicants ?!?!?!?!?

    ANY other LPN's want to share their scores?!?!?

    TEAS: 73.3%

    reading: 74.5% math: 78.1% science: 72.3% English: 66.7%

    A&P 1 : D. Redone:A
    A&P 2 : D+ Redone:A
    Micro: C
    ENG 101 : A
    eng 102 A
    Stats: A

    history: B
    soc: A
    psych: A

    Only took the TEAS exam 1 time. I believe my total amount of points was 52.75 out of the 100 possible.......
  12. by   Dana_R
    Not sure if the LPN to RN and RN letter go out at the same time, but I spoke with a woman today and she said don't quote her but they SHOULD be received by Wednesday (which I'm assuming means they're going out Monday).
  13. by   LPNphyllisB
    Thanks I hope so I'm going nuts waiting lol
  14. by   Abesse
    Has anyone recieved their letters yet? I am anxiously waiting!