Studying for the first test... ugh..

  1. Alright, we just had our first test and I got an 86.. I'm not really complaining about that, although I did mark some stupid answers and should have got an A, but I guess I deserve the 86 for my stupidity..

    Anyway, my gripe is with study habits and time spent studying. A friend of mine, who totally slacked, and complained all the time, got the same grade as me, and I had to have studied several times more than she did. It's total bull that I spend all that time studying and she makes the same grade as me. It's not like she's smarter or anything. I'm probably smarter (trying to be modest) but the test was really geared towards easy and I overlooked the simplicity by thinking about questions way too much (if that makes any sense to you). Anyway, people who studied more fluxuated in grades. I had a friend who is really smart and got an 80, and another friend who is confused half of the time who got a 94.

    WHAT SHOULD I DO!!! How can I change my study habits to be more productive, because this really gets on my nerves!!!
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  3. by   locolorenzo22
    It depends on how your course is set up. We have an outline packet that covers everything we should know in each class, but we need to have the chapters read before we come to school, as we spend hardly any time on one specific section. Most of the time, I read, do the outline, re-read entire chapter for items I didn't get, and know what I'll REALLY have to pay attention to in class, especially when it's not covered in the book.
    Just read what you can, study the notes you take, and remember one saying,
    (KISS) Keep it simple, stupid....
    Take your first answers to heart, I changed two of mine and got them both wrong. keep going, an 86 isn't all that bad.
  4. by   I RN A
    Instead of concentrating on a grade and complaining about who is smarter, you should concentrate on the knowledge gained. Nursing is about a team work, not competition.