Students willing to help this Dutch nursing student?

  1. Hello,

    We're Eddy and Tonke and we're nursing students from Holland. We're in our first year and one of our tasks is contacting a foreign student to interview. This is where you come into play!

    We're looking for a student (preferably also in his/her first year) who is willing to help us answer a few questions about the study. We're trying to see the differences between the study/profession as it is here in Holland and the study in other countries.

    So if you're willing to answer a few questions for us (it won't take long, there are about 5 questions) please post a message here or better, contact us through mail ( We than will send you a list with the questions and it would be a great help if you could return the answered list to us.

    Thanks in advance,

    Eddy & Tonke
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  3. by   mitchsmom
    I'm in my 1st year, you can write me at if you want.
  4. by   dwag
    if you need any more interviews feel free to contact me as well. I am a second year (graduate in MAY!!) ADN student in kentucky -!
  5. by   gwenith
    If you want to wander over to the Australasian forum I have a LOT of links there for people who have asked this question.