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Hello, Why don't the nursing students here use the chat room???? I would love to chat with other students but no one is ever there:( T... Read More

  1. by   shellsgogreen
    Hey, maybe some people are there now - I'm gonna pop in and see if I can figure it out
  2. by   bsunurse
    I think that is a great idea too. I thought you had to be a premium member as well!
  3. by   shellsgogreen
    hey guys, i figured it's awesome....a bunch of people(small one ...heh) were in there, and everyone is so friendly... i'm definitely going back to play again
  4. by   Ginny516
    Cookiefreak! Good to see you again! I will definitely go into the chat again soon! :spin:
  5. by   VRN-RN
    Quote from Cookiefreak
    aww, I would love to chat, but is it just reserved for premium members?
    i dont think you need to be a prem. member. i been in the room but no one is ever there. you have to post atleast 15 times before you can enter the chat room
  6. by   VRN-RN
    how bout we do this. When is everyone usually at the website, morning, afternoon, evening. i am on usually during the evening hours starting at 8pm- to whenever. I am on the eastern time zone. I'll be on later tonite to see if anyone is there. in order to enter, u must have posted 15 times or more, and been registered for 2 days. if that helps. but anyway hope i'll see some people later on tonite. bye all
  7. by   nursemama2be
    i am on now.. so anyone wanna chat???

    if not im usually on in the evening times... unless im working the evening shift...
  8. by   hospitalstaph
    OK, I am on now!!!!

  9. by   hospitalstaph
    Seriously, am I the only loser home on Saturday night ???