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Okay I have been reading and reading posts from all kinds of people and I just have to ask. Why do we take crap from everyone? It starts in nursing school. We are abused by out teachers. Why do we... Read More

  1. by   shay

    Sorry, didn't intend to scare you. That's just how I perceive it to be...that the profession isn't pretty, so the instruction shouldn't give you a false sense of the profession.

    How do meek, mild, quiet students make it through? Wellllllllllll....they just do. I unfortunatley (or fortunately...however you want to look at it) was not one of those students. My schooling had a looooooooot of learning when to keep my mouth shut moments, starting with my med-surg rotation, which was my first clinical rotation. My clinical instructor had a rep of being a demon in a woman's body who ate students for breakfast. I made up my mind that in order for a big mouth smart-a**ed type like myself to survive her class, my best course of action was to study, remain calm, and make sure I was RRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEAAAAALLLLLLLY prepared for clinical before I got there. I thankfully got through that clinical with neither a bump or scratch (so to speak) from the instructor.

    I always wished to be one of the meek, mild, quiet types....their mouths probably never get them in trouble. Lol!! Much of my adulthood has been spent learning how to control this horrid opening in the middle of my face. ~ Sigh ~

    Just remember one thing....nursing school isn't permanent.

  2. by   mario_ragucci
    Your cool Rebecca - I didn't say you aren't for real.....I just said that I am. Okay. You know people who are for real, and you know people who are fake. I see folks who are going into nursing for money, and, personally, I don't think you can learn how to care, if you know what I mean :-)
    Answering questions correctly on NCLEX is essential. I know I will pass it. I am very confident, not arrogant, by saying this.

    I find my greatest challenge is to work with introverted people, or people who are apathetic. Don't get me started :-0
  3. by   micro

    great question.........I am not a student in the sense of the word that you are speaking of here......been around nursing for 10+ years......and before that.....worked with people with varying abilities, but I do not want to digress.......

    to some degree, you do have to take what is offered.........cause it is where you are a student........and this is where you are going to school or change school or programs.........

    but it does not mean you have to be intimidated, scared, afraid to speak up or ask questions.........

    there is some mention of nursing not being able to think outside of the box or being directed not too.....

    again.....percentage micro here.........50--70%(only my humble nursing opinion), yes nursing is factual, certain procedures have to be followed, the 5-6 r's in medication administration, a vent setting is a vent setting.....i.e. facts are facts and physiology is physiology.........

    but the remaining %-----I feel that nurse in most cases are given opportunity to do their own critical thinking about situation and the appropriate measures to, not write dr. orders without orders, but this is what I am seeing and this action warrants immediate action first then dr. notification or this is something I am going to monitor closely and let my charge know about.......or what is up with this.......etc......get my drift.........

    a lot of this comes with time.......and I by far know it micro can and will always be a student in some form or other........

    but what I have found is that I have a very strong knowledge base+experience=gut instincts.......when I can't necessarily tell you what it is.......but I can strongly tell dr.........this is happening and concerned me enough to call/wake you etc.........

    am I right on 100% of time, no.........simply said.........but, I am observant...........not afraid to go with what I see+my nursing gut.........

    hope to all that you continue to love nursing, we need you.........
    in nursing.....just like other areas of societal will meet very different types of people.......know your own worth..............

    and welcome.............

    just my 2%,
    micro %:_)
  4. by   delirium
    That's really true. I see a lot of people (a lot of people on my campus, even, and we're a satellite campus with only about 20 nursing students) that are going to make really horrible, unsafe, coldhearted nurses.
    Its horrible. I keep hoping maybe they won't make it through school. Maybe they won't pass the nclex. Now I just hope that I won't ever be in a position where they are caring for me or anyone in my family.
    I have the exact same feeling about the nclex. Confidence is good. A little arrogance is ok, if it is warranted.
    My greatest challenge is to work with stupid people. Or lazy ones.
  5. by   cappieo
    I always wished to be one of the meek, mild, quiet types....their mouths probably never get them in trouble. Lol!! Much of my adulthood has been spent learning how to control this horrid opening in the middle of my face. ~ Sigh ~

    Just remember one thing....nursing school isn't permanent.

    -Shay [/B][/QUOTE]

    Thanks for the reply I am not shy but I do tend to take things very personally. I KNOW that I need to work on thickening my skin over the summer. Maybe a good tan will help I have this image in my head of making a mistake in clinical and the instructor yelling at me in front of classmates and me hightailing out of the hospital forever! I have worked very hard to get where I am now, I am 23, got my GED, got my A.A. in general studies while I finished pre-reqs for nursing and now I got into nursing program... I am very nervous that after all this I won't even make it through the program! Maybe I should hire someone to yell at me all summer so I can get prepared for the program? After reading these threads I am considering it!
  6. by   mario_ragucci
    Hey Ms. Purp....Those cold-hearted students are going to make it. Like stone-henge druids, they will pass the nclex, and be amongst your ranks. Welcome to the terror-dome! :-)

    As coincidence would have it, I admittedly, turned in a "half-stepping" final nursing research paper (for a pre-nursing class) which, more or less, made a mockery of MLA formatting. My excellent (I mean that) instructor took the time to call me, and tell me to come in over this break and discuss what is expected of me when it comes to research papers. I'm ready for a blast, which I deserve.
  7. by   JMP
    Some students came looking for job security, good paycheques, a way to make a decent living.

    Some students came looking for choices, freedom from "would you like fries with that?" and some came because their parents told them to.

    Nursing is a down and dirty job. I think most nursing really care, and the one's that don't, well, there will always be those types around.

    Please DO NOT be too quick to judge. Others may be looking at you and thinking all kinds of things based on what THEY perceive to be your incentive and desires.

    Nursing can be a calling, but if it does not start out that way, there is NOTHING wrong with that either.

    You will learn, from everyone.
  8. by   delirium
    Good luck with that, Mario.
    I have no doubt they'll make it. I just hope they don't work in my facility (I plan on taking a job in DC which is about 50 miles from my home), and if they follow me there, then I can only hope they don't work on my shift.
    Of course, if they do... what can I do? I'll have difficult coworkers everywhere.
    And I'm not judging other students based on the reasons they chose nursing as a profession. As long as someone can become a decent, competent nurse, I don't really care why they are a nurse. Its the ones that demonstrate unsafe practices and a lack of concern that trouble me.
    There's a lot of infighting and jealousy and gossip at my campus. I hate it. I have been known to tell a student (or 10) to mind her own business at least once a day. Sorry if that makes me not a team player, or look as if I am overly judgmental.
  9. by   micro
    and may micro say.........hey.........

    well "There are alway courses out there, like.........DEALING WITH DIFFICULT PEOPLE".........

    the good thing is this will help you to understand your coworkers and help you adapt and survive...............

    the downright and dirty stuff is ...........that the most difficult coworkers are out there and if they are not only dishing this out to their coworkers but also their patients.............

    why don't they listen to the TACO BELL ADS.........?????????

    MICRO.............micro................m.......... .....
  10. by   marci3335
    Yes I totally agree!! I am a Navy veteran and in bootcamp you either cut it or you don't. The people who didn't make it through weren't bad people but they just weren't a good fit for the military enviroment. It's the same with nursing. The pressure that you feel in school is nothing like the pressure you will feel when someones life is in your hands. Or when a doctor is yelling orders at you - you can't take it personal you have to maintain your professionalism. Perhaps school prepares you for that.

    Originally posted by shay
    I kind of think of nursing school like military school....the kind you VOLUNTARILY go to, that is.... Like VMI, the Citadel, Westpoint, etc.. You go in KNOWING what you want and what lies ahead to get you there. Nursing sure as h*** isn't the military (you know what I mean.....), but the principles are the same...think about it. Look at the parallels between nursing and the military:

    Someone else's life will be in your hands. Someone will ALWAYS be giving you orders, and they may or may not 'Bark' them at you. The profession is not glamorous, clean, easy, or low risk, thus neither should be the training. It is not for the faint of heart or thin skinned. The treatment you get from your superiors may not be fair, justified, or right, but like Fergus said, the power relationships NEVER favor the student. And just like at the military academies, whenever there are serious charges of abuse and mistreatment, they are usually investigated and stopped. But for the most part, it's kind of an unofficial 'hazing,' I suppose.

    That's my take on it, anyway.
  11. by   RNIAM
    Thanks everyone for your opinions. It is always nice to see anothers point of view.
  12. by   mario_ragucci
    I wish I could just take the bus to the Parris Island School of Nursing.
    I tell you, those folks at Parris Island burned more into my cranium in 11 weeks than any nursing program could hold a candle to. Shave my head and send me to boot camp nursing school, no sweat. PT me and feed me three squares a day. We all have the same clothes. March or double-time to the hospital to learn. No one moans about learning, or they get sent us all sent to the "pit." When the nurse Drill InstructorI has something to teach, all she has to say is "eyeballs" and the 60 of us yell "snap!" Train me to take apart and re-assemble medical equipment blindfolded.
    If you don't study your knowledge you get sent to the "pit" and you don't miss many questions when the "pit" is where your going if you answer wrong.
    Seriously, you could learn to be a nurse in 11 weeks, I am fully aware of that. But, I will half step with it for 2 years :-(
  13. by   Nurse Cristi
    I totally agree with you, but I put up with it from my teachers too, and let me tell you why. It is that plain and simple fact that they have our very lives in the palms of their hands. They get to judge whether we are prepared enough to pass their courses. All they need find is ONE little things they can say we do not perform well on, and they can fail us in clinical.
    SO, until December 3rd, my lips will be permanently imprinted on my instructor's booty.
    Is that not a shame?