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I am curious because I am a mom of three young children, how many of us are there out there trying to go to school and raise the kiddos? Trey is four, will be five when I start in the fall, Piper is... Read More

  1. by   Anna_Aus
    I too am a student mum.
    My daughter is 18 months old and I started Nursing full-time in March. I was lucky with my timetable - I only have to go to Uni three days, so she is in daycare two days and my mum looks after her the other day.
    It's hard work...but most of the time I love it. She really loves going to daycare and playing with all the other kids.
    The most important thing I've found is that when I get home from Uni I have to STOP thinking about studying, and focus on spending quality time with her. If I start stressing about assignments and exams she picks up on it and we both end up in bad moods! So while she's awake I enjoy every moment I've got with her, then as soon as she's in bed I try to hit the books!!!!!

    Good luck to everyone else juggling the mum & study thing!