Student loans to cover living expenses...where did you get yours at?

  1. Can you please provide details like what bank and how much you asked to borrow?

    I am planning to go to a school that has an accelerated program an it's $16,000. I believe I will have stafford subsidized and unsubsidized loans to cover most of it, but I still need a loan to cover:

    living expenses in a decent neighborhood and apartment plus utilities
    transportation (I may have my own vehicle by then) and any future repairs and insurance


    and daycare/after school care 2x a week for my son and tuition for preschool for my daughter

    The program is 15 mos long. I hope to get a couple of jobs soon until the programs which I applied to begins (some summer 2011 and some fall 2011).

    I am a single mom and my credit is bad. I was going through a divorce. I know I will need a cosigner, but even with one, I wonder if I will be approved?

    If I am accepted into this one program, I MIGHT be able to work 15-20 hours a week.
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  3. by   TheSquire
    Federal GradPLUS program - though I'm doing a graduate entry program, part of the unspoken rationale for which is to allow students to get Federal loans. The GradPLUS has a ceiling of $100k, above and beyond the amount spent on Stafford loans.
  4. by   JustKeepSmiling
    Since you are a single mom, regardless of your age you are eligible for independent loan status. Depending on your income and how you file taxes, (head of household?), will determine your eligibility for grants and subsidized stafford loans.
    What was your EFC? You can PM me and we can talk in more detail.

    My school is financial aid stup*d and every freaking semester I have to figure it out on my own and do all the leg work. Henceforth, I consider myself pretty well versed in the subject.