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  1. I'm interested in opinions about statistics, for those of you who have taken it. The program I'm hoping to get into requires it, but they do not have any pre reqs to that course. I'm just curious how difficult it is, and if I can handle it with only two years of algebra in high school. (And it's going to be 15 years since I graduated - scary!!!) Thanks for any advice you can give!!
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    I have to take that next semester. I have been told by alot of people to take this class by iteself or take an easy class with it. They say there is alot of formulas you have to remember. A whole bunch of studying. The majority at my school barely makes a "C" in this class. I know that is exciting news uh. But I wish you luck.
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    It's been, ahem, 20 years since I've taken statistics, but I don't remember it as being too bad. It's really its own separate field; doesn't build on previous math, so you needn't worry about having to brush up on your algebra and such...
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    First of all - I HATE MATH!

    I took it this summer in an online course and it SUC%ED! I basically tought myself statistics. I even had to hire a tutor - which is why I passed. The teacher would check in weekly and not answer any questions (he'd say look in your book)

    Our class started out with 40 people and ended up with 18 (non of which made an A) It was really tough and I squeeked by with a C (so I guess I won't complain - but up to that point I had a 4.0 GPA and that totally messed me up.

    My advice would be to take it with a real time teacher and in Summer alone or with easy stuff. I literally studied 4 hours a day ..

    Also - if you have no clue on how to use a TI-83 calculator - LEARN THAT FIRST!
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    Torture.. but then again.. I hate math...

    What I recommend is what I did to pass and get the A:

    I chose a teacher who allowed for extra credit for assignments etc...

    We were given homework that directly corresponded to the formulas that were used on tests...

    We were not allowed to open the book for tests but were allowed to used one page of written notes... so you could write the formulas out for the word problem..


    Have you gathered I am math "challenged".. I am.. but I did very well in algebra, dosage calc. etc.. (eventually)...

    Statistics is a rules thing.. I do not like to memorize rules that do not really make sense to me (the way biology and physiology does) so.. I had a hard time memorizing "the formulas"

    Just like chemistry. patho., and all the other ologies... you too will get through this one...

    Pick a reasonable teacher, find a tutor if need be (at the school if you can cause they are free) and "just get through it".. and on to the next challenge....

    I hope that helps....
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    I took statistics while pregnant with my second child 10 years after any previous math course. Two weeks into the course, I was put on bedrest. I ended up getting an "A" in the course. I am no math wiz but I am very logical. Statistics requires a lot of time. Definitely take it with a light course load. If you can balance your checkbook, and you have enough time to work all the problems until yu understand the concepts you should be fine.
    By the way, could you help me decide on whether to take A & P II with the nursing core curriculum or alone in a condensed summer course. I posted my question and never got an answer.
    Bio RN (to be)
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    BioRN --
    Take the A&P first if you possibly can. My RN program has it as a pre-req, and the reason is that they build from it. Our program assumes knowledge and does not go over the physiology much, they just build on it. If you already have had it, I think it would make the cores much easier because things would be more familiar.
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    I gotta redo mine next semester. Last took it 7 years ago! I don't know how I'll feel about it this time -- but it was one of those "you either get it or you don't" courses. Pure memorization. I'm in awe of people who have retained the knowledge and can apply it.
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    Kyle's Mom,

    I have taken 2 courses in Statistics and numerous courses in Math, including Calculus and beyond. In short, I LOVE MATH.

    Statistics can be more difficult than you expect, especially during the second half of the semester when you study hypothesis testing. Given your minimal background, I suggest that you take few if any other courses at the same time that you take this one. There is not much Algebra in the course, but you will have to learn how to think in many ways.

    Currently in its 8th edition, the most popular textbook is by Mario F. Triola. Chances are that you will have to buy this one. It is widely used throughout the United States. I used the 4th edition in Florida years ago. My former Calculus instructor is one of the reviewers of the current and past editions. The 8th edition is required for classes at Collin County Community College here in the Plano area, so it is likely to be the same text in your nearby city.

    You might also have to buy and learn how to use the TI-83 calculator. Research that possibility in advance. The Triola book is based on this calculator. If the TI-83 is required, then buy it and one small book from Amazon now and begin learning it. The manual provided with the calculator teaches you the mechanics but nothing really much in the way of Statistics. This is why I recommend an additional book.

    The quantity of formulas you will be required to memorize depends on your instructor. Some instructors require their students to demonstrate understanding of the underlying calculations on the exams. Then there are others who are more practically minded, and require their students to only know how to fully operate the calculator. You might not be able to determine which category your instructor is in until a couple weeks into the semester, so be prepared for the worst scenario of having to perform handwritten calculations with some calculator assistance.

    Do not waste your money on additional textbook study guides unless you are the type of person who prefers them. A better idea would be to seek tutoring if you encounter a lot of difficulty. Remember what I said about the second half of the semester. Statistics can become suddenly overwhelming at that time. In the first several weeks you learn the basics of calculations. Then you have to apply your knowledge of them.

    Mario F. Triola

    8th Edition companion websites

    TI-83 store

    TI-83 companion book
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    Thank you so much for your knowledgable answer regarding statistics! I bookmarked the information and the resources listed.
    To the person that asked about doing A&P before or concurrent to the Nursing Program, I would 100% recommend doing the A&P BEFORE! It's a lot of information and the classes are pretty fast paced. The Nursing Program will also build on the knowledge that they'll assume you've covered in A&P. Make things a little easier on yourself by taking it before hand. I've found the A&P course to be hard enough....... Good luck in whatever you decide is right for you!

    Cheryl Moore
  12. by   Kyle's Mom
    MK, Thank you and everyone for your advice!
  13. by   wanttobeaNurse
    Generally speaking, I am very good at math. I am taking Stats this semester, and I am not happy with it AT ALL. I had a lot of problems with the probabilities section, so my overall grade (at this point) is an 86.6%. I am used to having ALL A's. Anyway, it got better on the last test, but our professor has polled the class to see if we would like to finish the last 2 chapters, or write a large group report instead. What do you think the class chose? a report means NO MORE TESTS.

    If I was you, I would take it in the summer where you can go everyday and be there for several hours. I think one of the problems with this class is we only meet T,TH. GOOD LUCK!
  14. by   meandragonbrett
    I don't think that stats is that hard of a class. Mom had to take it last semester b\c her RN-BSN program requires it. I taught most of it to her because she didn't understand it the way the teacher did things. I had 9 weeks of stats last year in my advanced math course. I find it to be easy.