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Anyone else feel like this? I start my lpn program in 64 days..been waiting & dreaming & planning for 15 years for this...I'm married, 3 kids, onein first grade, one in second, one in sixth. I'm... Read More

  1. by   skislalom
    latchkey programs, neighbors...our schools open early and many even serve breakfast!

    Another thought...if the schools do open early...they get up earlier, you drop them off...they will all be tired and go to bed at a decent hour in the evenings and that leaves you with "STUDY TIME" :hatparty:

    Even if the schools don't open early there is no reason they can't be up and getting ready earlier...that way the 6th grader won't have to wake them up and get them started.

    I'm a mom of 4 and my school is about an hour kids don't ride a bus's gonna be interesting this fall. My eldest has stage band at 7:15 so I suppose I can drop the other 3 off at school on my way outta I'M Freaking out...LOL

    It'll all work out

  2. by   suzy253
    BREATH!!! :chuckle
    Don't have any other suggestions but I'm sure that things will all work themselves out. Good luck to you all.
  3. by   DZcarrie
    in a different topic...i'm freaking out that no one will be here to take my dog out to poo...

    i think we're all freaking out over nothing....

    things will work out. god never gives us something we can't handle.

    *taking deep breaths*

  4. by   manna
    I don't have any advice, but I can relate. I'm leaving my FT job after 5 years of night school to begin a BSN program - starting next week! OMG! Time flies... Friday is my last day of work. I've never been so excited and terrified in all my life.

    Good luck to everybody!