Starting my frist clinicals in a week and other questions

  1. Hey everyone! I am so glad that I found this board and I hope that you all can help me or atleast guide me in the right direction. I am in my frist semst. and I am beginning clincals in a week. I am so scared. Can anyone give me any advise on how to conduct myself as a professional while still being scared to death.

    Also I am working on a diet therapy paper, Any suggestions on where to get some info. Also care plans, I am having the worse time trying to get this all together. Is there any websites to help with doing a careplan. We got very little help on these and this next one HAS to be correct.

    Thanks Everyone
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    You can either do a search on, or check the rest of the student forum for threads on care planning. I have left a lot of sites posted for care plans, and you can look for them. Do the search for diet therapy, there is a lot of info out there if you look.

    Welcome, and feel free to ask anything else.

    Clinicals will scare you to death, just take your time, and you will be fine.

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    You can search this site for various care plans.
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    Hi! I'm not far into my nursing education so I don't have a lot of words of wisdom but I have (thank goodness) passed my first set of clinical rotations. My advice....relax, remember why you wanted to become a nurse, trust your fellow students, advisor and staff nurses to help you, don't hesitate to ask for help, and...most confident! Before you go into the pt's room...tell yourself "I know what I'm doing and I can do this." You'll be great.
  7. by   tcolleen
    I think every practicing RN (if he/she is honest) was scared TO DEATH before every clinical. (My fear didn't really go away until I had been working as a nurse for a year! Even now, 7 years later, I have my moments.) Anyway, the vast majority of patients like having nursing students. While the regular nurses only have enough time to run a wet rag around the patient's ears and call it a bath, the students have the time to get to know about the patient. I found the older patients especially like the students. Just make sure you are as well-prepared as possible, and if you have a question about a skill or pathophysiology - ASK! If your instructor is too busy or not available, there is almost always an experienced nurse around who can and will help. Remember, a very important part of nursing is teaching, so in theory you can ask any of the nurses. In reality, there will be nurses who resent having students around. (I never have been able to figure that one out, but I know it is true.) Find someone who enjoys working with students.

    Good luck, hang in there, and welcome to a very rewarding profession!
  8. by   Love-A-Nurse
    Let us know how it goes. I am sure you will do fine.

    I say it is a good sign to feel a little anxious!