Starting LPN school next week

  1. I will be starting lpn school next week. Any advice for me?
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  3. by   leeae85
    Hey! I just graduated from LPN school in july & passed my boards in August! Everyone has a different experience in nursing school, but in the end, its what YOU make of it. IMO, i didnt think the material they taught was all that hard, but the BS they put you through, and all the preperation for clinicals and the paperwork & research for clinicals was the hard part for me. Add on top of that my lack of $$, family issues & having to drive over an hour to and from school-that also made it hard. BUT I wouldnt change it for the world, and to be honest, i kind of miss school, so that's why i'm going back to get my RN.

    I dont know your current situation or how much support you get at home, b/c that is so important that your family be there for you. Also, dont let yourself fall behind on anything (assignments). And of course, if your class was anything like mine, you will have all the standard high school behavior of people acting like jerks, so steer very clear of all that & you'll be fine. Dont sweat the small stuff! How long is yall's program & when is graduation?
    (sorry this post is so long!)
  4. by   greatan
    Thanks for your quick response. My program ends in Sept 2007. It is 11 months long. I too have very very little money and will be trying to get by without working. My husband and son are very supportive of me as this is a midlife career change after losing my job of 10 years. It just seems lately like everyone is saying the classes aren't that hard but just a lot of studying and reading. I haven't been in school for quite a long time and after receiving my 1st set of textbooks for this semester, just looking at the material inside them scares me. Makes me wonder how I can learn all of this stuff. Did you have any medical background before school? Maybe that makes it not so hard. Also I worry because I really need to pass the NCLEX the 1st time cause I am desperately in need of income. How soon were you able to take the exam after graduating?