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Hi guys! I start my program next week and would really appreciate some advice on both classroom learning and clinicals. Like, is the classroom experience going to be similar to what I've been... Read More

  1. by   Nurse Izzy
    For clinicals - the first day will be terrifying. Get over it. Remember that your instructors were students once, too. Ours made jokes about the first day about how they were going to be standing behind us at the door to the patient's room pushing us in because we were too terrified to go in. I was nervous beyond belief, but my instructor was great and put us all at ease. As said in previous posts, don't be afraid to ask questions and, if given the chance, shadow other nurses - you'll see a lot more that way - I got to see stuff we hadn't covered in class yet and, because of that nurse taking the time to show me and explain (I was very fortunate!), when we had the material in class it made much more sense!

    I could go on and on, but rest assured - you'll be fine! Just study extra hard the material they give you in class and read those sections in your book. It will take a lot of time and dedication, but it's worth it!

    Best of luck - keep us posted!
  2. by   RNIAM
    My advice is to love every minute of it. Sometimes it will be hard and sometimes you will wonder why you even wanted to be a nurse, but still love it all! Be involved, make sure everyone knows that you want to learn but please don't act like you already know it all. You will make mistakes but try to avoid them. make sure to tell your instructor if you just can't do it. It is better to stop then to carry on and hurt someone. Lots of luck to you, have a great time. My first semester was alot of fun.
  3. by   claire2000
    You said you are on waitlist for 2 years? Oh man. I hope that it doesn't take that long for me. How come so long? I see you are in CA as well as I. I'm just outside SF. How about you?


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    I'm in the same boat as you too, I've been waiting on waitlist for 2 years (in the meantime doing my pre reqs) but Im so glad Im FINALLY in!
  4. by   RNSuzq1
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    My advice would be to BE ON TIME at all costs when it comes to clinicals... Do not be afraid to ask questions when you are unsure.... Being a smartypants or little msknowitall is a good way to kill someone... Good luck in your classes.... be organized and do your best!
    I'm also just starting in a few weeks and what the above poster mentions about not being a "Know It All" - is the same advice I recently got from my Sister In-Law's and a few friends who are all Nurses. They said even though the Instructor's want you to ask questions - most do not like to be told that a hospital you worked at before as a CNA, etc. did it a different/better way (they said that is the kiss of death). A friend told me the other night that even if you think you know how to do something (in a better way) that the Instructor is showing you - just say "Oh, is that how it's done?" thank them for their help and keep the peace. They said it's much better to be enthusiastic about everything you are learning in clinicals - but not to step on any toes. Beyond that - I just plan on trying my best to stay organized - that seems to be the key to soaking up all the information they will be giving us. Susan