Start nursing school tomorrow. I am giong to barf! - page 2

I start nursing school in less than 24 hours:barf01: I am so nervous! I am just taking a break from reading my student handbook which I doubt I will get all through today. I know. I should already... Read More

  1. by   SH4NNON
    just reading this thread is giving me butterflies...and I still have 2 weeks before I start!
  2. by   angel_blue_rn
    I start Wednesday and I feel like I always do when I start something new, scared out of my wits. I have been studying math for meds all summer long, before I even got accepted. I didn't start reading though, I guess I should have. Just want to make sure I have the right books before I take off the plastic wrap which makes it non-returnable. The only thing I do is pray that the Good Lord will be with me...with us all.
  3. by   Stdy2BaNurse
    Yes - school starts at 1:00 pm TODAY for me and I am a nervous wreck! We have lecture from 1-3 and tomorrow is lab from 8:30 - 12 and lecture again from 1-3. We get a day off on Wednesday (yeah, I'm sure they will expect something when we come back) and then Thursday is more lab from 8:30-12 and Friday is pharmacology from 10-12. I just want to get through the first week without violently vomiting and then I think I will be okay

    Something I keep telling myself applies to most if not all of us here: We earned this privilege of attending nursing school. We worked our butts off to get where we are and no one handed us this opportunity on a silver platter. Note I said privilege - I am not claiming that I will be a perfect nursing student or that I know everything - simply that I earned this opportunity to prove myself worthy of becoming a nurse! I wish everyone the best of luck and look forward to hearing how everyone's first day goes
  4. by   nsgmjr
    Hi everyone! I know exactly how you feel. I just started today and I had to stop in the bathroom as soon as I got to school as my stomach revolted the minute I walked in the door. Almost didn't make it! After a bad start due to nerves I managed to get through the first day and I too was amazed that I was actually sitting in a nursing class. Good luck to all of you. We have come this far now we just have to keep up the studying and believe in ourselves. Next big step is clinicals Yikes!