Stages of infection ????

  1. Hi guys,
    I have a question and need a little help. Our instructor gave us an outline for the chapter we just started in our FON book. one of the questions was to name and describe the four stages of infection; problem is it's not in the book. So are there any nurses out here that will take the time to help a baby RN student out????? Please!!!! :uhoh21:
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  3. by   Race Mom
    This is a direct quote from Potter's Fundamentals of Nursing:

    "Course of Infection by Stage"
    Incubation Period
    Interval between entrance of pathogen into body and appearance of first symptoms (e.g., chickenpox, 2-3 weeks; common cold, 1-2 days; influenza, 1-3 days; mumps, 15-18 days)
    Prodromal Stage
    Interval from onset of nonspecific signs and symptoms (malaise, low-grade fever, fatigue) to more specific symptoms (During this time, microorganisms grow and multiply, and client may be more capable of spreading disease to others)
    Illness Stage
    Interval when client manifests signs and symptoms specific to type of infection (e.g., common cold manifested by sore throat, sinus congestion, rhinitis; mumps manifested by earache, high fever, parotid and salivary gland swelling)
    Interval when acute sypmtoms of infection disappear (Length of recovery depends on severity of infection and client's general state of health; recovery may take several days to months)

    By understanding the chain of infection, the nurse intervenes to prevent infections from developing. When the client acquires an infection, the nurse observes signs and symptoms of infection and takes appropriate actions to prevent its spread. Infections follow a progressive course (that is the stages above that I have typed). The severity of the client's illness depends on the extent of the infection, the pathogenicity of the microorganism, and the susceptibility of the host.
  4. by   todell80
    We had to learn that for our first test on Monday. I remembered the order w/ the acronym IPIC (I pee I see!!). Sort of stupid but it helped me!
  5. by   ConnieNTX
    I'm a first semester student, and we have this assignment due tomorrow. I couldn't find the stages in our book either! We aren't using Potter any longer-but Kozier. This helped me out a lot to define-thanks!
  6. by   dallet6
    This is from a long time ago, but in case anyone cares it is in a table in FON in chapter 34. We needed it for a brief discussion even though I'm in sixth quarter and I had to find it