Spring Quarters Over!!!

  1. WOOHOOOO!! :hatparty:

    No more driving 25 miles each way for classes (I'm transferring next fall)! I don't have to do ANYTHING tomorrow before 3pm. I can stay in my pj's all DAY if I want to!! I can read a book that has a PLOT! I don't have to worry about anything being due for 2 WHOLE months!!

    I'm just very excited about this, in case you couldn't tell :chuckle
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  3. by   suzy253
    I'm very jealous of you. I have two more weeks to put in. And have to pass as well! Have fun with your free time!
  4. by   wonderbee
    megan, from one who joined the ranks of summer bumsters back at the beginning of may, welcome to the land of well-earned lazy days. it's too wonderful. enjoy :spin: