Southwest Tennessee Community College

  1. This is for all of the people going to BCHS, what classes have you taken at SWTCC so far? I was just wondering b\c I'm thinking of taking college algebra next summer. If you could post it on here or e-mail me I'd appreciate it lots! And could you possibly list it my semesters\sessions if you did it that way?

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  3. by   det01
    I took AP2 from Dr. Smith - very good class and he is a nice man. I also took Microbiology from Mr. Drake. It was also a good class and he is nice too. Both classes will prepare you for nursing classes.

    I would also suggest takiing AP1, College Algebra, Psychology, Philosophy, English. literature, things like that at the community college during summers and such if you want to do a lot there. Do not take speech there - BCHS has their own special speech class that is made for health care providers - they rarely let another speech class transfer.

    Hope this helps!