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  1. I am doing my Pysch paper work. I remember saw in the chart pt's diagnosis is schizophrenia. Can some one pls help me understand why pt's med isepakote 500mg b.i.d and Risperdal 2mg daily? In my understanding Depakote is a anticonvlsant drug used for tx of bipolar disorder, not schiaophrenia? Can a pt both be schizophrenia and bipolar the same time?

    Many thanks!
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    Risperdal is a mood stabilizer, so I can see how that would come into play with the manifestations of schizophrenia. Depakote has been used for manic phases.
    Google dpeakote and schizophrenia and you'll find stuff.
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    Risperdal is an antipsychotic used to relieve positive and negative symptoms of psychosis and it is usedd to treat bipolar disorder.

    anticonvulsants are also used as mood-stabilizing agents.