So, I bought a pocket I need help!

  1. After much reading on here, I decided to buy a HP IPAQ so far I like it but I just got it yesterday. I was wondering if anyone knows some free programs that are out there. I am planning a buying a few, but with my student income, the more that are free the better. Greatly appreciate anyone's help!
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  3. by   Scrubz
  4. by   RNstudent86
    You can definately try, which has some really good programs. I just bought the Nursing Constellation, and it has awesome freatures and covers a variety of subjects. Definately awesome for students.
  5. by   chare
    Epocrates Rx and the Mobile Merck Medicus includes are both free downloads.
  6. by   collegebound
    I too have a Hp Ipaq though it is an older model that I got second hand from a friend. I have loaded free software from Skyscape as well as Epocrates (didn't know about the Merck site so I'll be checking that out). Just wanted to say to check out the publisher sites for your books--I was able to download my medical dictionary and drug book also.
  7. by   thisgurl0183
    How do you register for merk if you are a student and do not have a license #?
  8. by   marathon
    wow makes me wana trade my ipod to pocket not even in the nursing program still taking prereqs..hehe