So excited about nursing!!!! - page 2

I am new to this website I just joined today as a matter of fact. But I have enjoyed looking over the site for probably about three days now. I would like to say that you guys are an inspiration to... Read More

  1. by   Hooligan
    Welcome to the board! I'm new to my program too and am working on my prerequisites. I currently work full time now and can only take a couple of classes per sememster...but I can't wait to start going full time and start taking "real nursing classes!" Heck! I'm excited that I get to take my CNA course in the fall! This is a very exciting and stressful time for us and this board is a great source for support!

  2. by   nurseshn
    You guys are really the best I am so glad I have alllll of you to talk to. Just knowing that we're all on one accord is a blessing. Thamks for your responses and good luck to all the other newbies.