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  1. Does anyone know why we can't access the skills video thread that used to be in this forum? I was looking for the thread and couldn't find it so searched for it found it but when I tried to use it I got a message that I did not have access to this.
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  3. by   Daytonite
    i just completed a search of the nursing student forums trying to find it as well. guess it was removed. one of the problems was that the cotc site, which had a number of really nice videos of nursing procedures, was no longer working. the school moved those videos to site that requires a password to enter and view them.

    i am going to re-organize my files of links and pull out all the ones that have video connected to them so i can access these links faster. as it is now, i have them spread all over into various files on my computer. you can find links to videos listed among the posts of these threads: - health assessment resources, techniques, and forms (in nursing student assistance forum) - just a note. . .the website has moved their videos and they are no longer accessible to the general public. it's too bad because they were really good videos - dosage calculations videos/dvds/audios? - starting iv's video website??? - maternity video. bookmark these video sites as maternity videos are hard to find!

    also, vickyrn posts a lot of links to the stickys on the nursing student assistant forum, which she moderates. you have to explore the links she gives. she just posted one this morning that upon exploring i found has links to lots of videos of basic nursing procedures. my apologies to her (don't want to steal her thunder), but here they are broken down: - from harrisburg area community college. click on videos to see movies of various iv procedures, ng tubes, and wound packing. will need a real one player to view. site states you can download a free version of the player. heparin well, piggyback, iv push, ampules, pediatric medication administration, pediatric iv administration with soluset. - from harrisburg area community college more videos of nursing procedures. this site includes links to videos on bandaging, bedmaking, enemas, iv therapy, medication administration (most all routes of administration are addressed), ng tubes, nursing skills (sterile gloving and dressing, dressing change, straight catheterization, indwelling catheter and rom), physical assessment and positioning
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    WOW! Thanks A Lot!!!:wink2:
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    Thanks Again. I was able to find exactly what I was looking for! (a video on IM injections)