Silly question I know! What does "per diem" hours mean?

  1. i'm looking at student jobs and see this as a category of hour type. what exactly does it mean? i see that they are not benefited jobs and the pay is a bit higher.

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  3. by   frez
    per diem as it used in our hospital is as needed. No benifits or pto time given. Hours are not guarantied.
  4. by   FuturoEnfermera
    can you choose the hours? i'm going to have a very busy schedule but would like to squeeze in some money making if i can.
  5. by   RN28MD
    I personaly find it to be a great way for a student to get experiece but work only when they put themselves on the schedule. Some places require you do 1 or 2 holidays but you get pay over time. I think at the place I am at it's like 4 sifts in a mos. Something like that. Everyone is different. I can give you an example: you can work as a RN in a regular FT or PT and get paid 22$hr or you can get 35$ working perdiem. BUt like the previous post you don't get benefits. That is probably why you get paid more.
  6. by   FuturoEnfermera
    Ok. So, it sounds like you tell them when you can work, and they call you if they need you. Is that right?