Should I take Pharm online?

  1. My schedule just got all jacked up because the micro class I needed was full... so now I'm debating whether or not to take Pharm online. I have 2 kids and will be working 20hrs so I'd honestly rather take it online and I've taken online courses in the past and found them much more convenient and maybe even 'easier' than classroom, however, I'm scared of Pharm, and struggling in a class that I HAVE to do well in is less convenient than spending a few extra hours at school, kwim? I planned on taking it in the classroom until this schedule conflict.

    Did you take pharm online and regret it? Did you take it online and like it? Help me decide!
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  3. by   newhope2009
    I took it online and loved the class. I wished I would have taken it in person. There is A LOT of info you have to learn - and taking it online you have to be ontop of your reading and homework. You can't slack off and get behind!!!

    I have 3 kids, my husband is in Iraq and I worked about 20hrs a week and still managed to get an A - just study study study!!

    Hope this helps!

  4. by   domal02
    Guess it depends on the instructor. Our program only offers Pharm online...and it was stupid easy because the instructor just didn't care. I mean, we were 4 weeks into the semester before she posted what chapters we were supposed to read...or the outline for the semester. We found out the day before she posted the final when the final was. She gave us twice as long to do a regular exam than our class instructors.
    I truly wish pharm was a regular lecture class instead of online. I just don't feel I get enough out of online classes but I know there are lots of people who love online. Guess it depends on your learning style...and your instructor
    Overall, it's not a bad class to take online, online just isn't my preference. You should do well as long as you read and do the homework.
  5. by   avahnel
    I took it online and learned a lot.
  6. by   Boog'sCRRN246
    My pharm class had two sections; one was online, the other was in-person. People in the online section had the option to go to the in-person class if extra help was needed.