Should I take a paramedic course?

  1. I am finally registered and certified as a CNA. I am currently looking for a job at a hospital. I was planning to just work at that and go to school but I found an emt certification course that sounds really interesting! Should I start taking that? If I do, I really want to work as an emt but then I will have wasted all that work I put in to become a cna. Should I wait until I have a little cna experience behind me or take this class? I really want to take it and it's only offered in June and then again in August. I know I can't take it in the fall because I gave myself a hard load of classes so I might take the summer class. Do think the cna or the paramedic is more valuable to have? I want to get some real life experience before I get into nursing school so I know what I'm getting into and what type of nursing fits me best. (I'm thinking about flight nursing) Thanks.

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  3. by   allthingsbright
    I think if your goal is flight nursing then paramedic training would be valuable for you. I dont think anyone can have too much education/training, so if you feel you want to go for it, do it!

    As a cna I didnt get much hands-on emergency care experience-mostly just bed baths, vitals, bed changing, etc. If I could have changed I would have gone for an LPN, EMT, or paramedic course-probably more intense and more in depth. Just my opinion!

    Good luck-you'll do the right thing for you!