Should I switch from mental health rotation first to med-surg (acute)?

  1. Hi everyone. I'm in the BscN program, in my second year. And next semester we have an option to do either mental health or meg-surg (acute) rotation first. It doesn't matter which rotation we do first, we eventually have to do the other one in our 3rd year first semester. I'm conflicted because when I was in my 1st year, I choose mental health to do because everyone says it was easier, and focused more on communication wise So, this is the reason why I choose to do the rotation first, and also it was very hard to get a spot because on a date in april, registration opened for classes and clinical positions, and I almost barely made it to get a spot. I was able to get the theory class but not the clinical spot, but luckily I got a spot. But in this semester I'm currently in, we're doing community health nursing clinical placement (Long-term care, assisted-living). My clinical group all knew each other and they were pretty much all close friends and I was the only one in the group who didn't know anyone (we're group of 8). So throughout the semester, I become friends with them. They're amazing, supportive, really want to be friends with me. I feel accepted and finally feel like I have friends. They're friends that I can laugh with, have fun with, interact with, and basically friends that all support each other and helping each other make it through the semester. In my 1st year I was very lonely I had one friend but she was never really what you call a "friend". She would cheat off me on exams, steal some of my ideas from my paper when we decided to exchange papers so we can both read them to see if they make sense, and etc. I don't feel that friendship connection with her because we never really talk to each other about anything besides school, and we're very different from each other in regards to our personality.

    My clinical group, which is the group of friends I've made, they're all doing their med-surg rotation first next semester and I have thoughts about switching to do my med-surg rotation as well because I will be in the same classes as them but maybe not same clinical placement because theres limited spots left.

    So my question is should I switch from mental health to med-surg rotation first? I'm stuck, because its hard to go through all the stress in nursing school without any friends it feels so lonely and I cry sometimes. If don't do my med-surg rotation first, then I won't see them until 4th year. I know some of you might say I'll eventually make friends, but the thing is this group of friends has the same personality as me and we're all capatible and feel very happy this semester.

    Another thing is, I do have an interest in med-surg and working at a hospital when I graduate so it might be useful to do med-surg first, and I really only choose mental health because everyone was choosing it first and its easier.
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  3. by   dishes
    You are overthinking things, it doesn't matter whether you do mental health or med surg first first, I can guarantee you that once you graduate, no one is going to be interested in which order you took your clinical placements, just do your best while in each placement. Also, you are limiting yourself being dependent on a set group of friends. It will be better preparation for the real work world if you get out of your comfort zone and make an effort to get to know a large number of your classmates. Learning how to get along with a diverse group of people will help you more in the workforce than clinging to a set group of friends.
  4. by   anewsns
    Agree with the above though, it could possibly work in your favor to do med surg later , so it's fresher in your memory out of school, just a thought. Otherwise you're going to run into tons and tons of varied personalities out there nothing like your own. Many of them have friendship potential. Staying with your comfort zone makes you even more lonely. I have had this huge loneliness issue my whole life (despite external appearance) and I find the most effective is to just learn about others and reach out to others who seem to be in need. Also, loneliness feels like this huge barrier when you're in it but at the end of the day it's just an emotion and definitely won't kill you. It will just slow you down a bit, make you uncomfortable but eventually make you stronger, really. I’m not downplaying the importance of feeling like you fit in, it’s huge, and it’s awesome that you finally found some people that make you feel so good, I’m just saying there’s some positives on the flip side as well.
  5. by   WanderingWilder
    If you found a group that you work well with I would stick with that group.