self-paced programs for LPN

  1. I'm enrolled in a self-paced LPN program starting in May. Just wanted to see if anybody's gone through a program like that I'd like to hear your thoughts. I've been told that although it's self-paced, there are still deadlines for when you have to have completed certain modules. I already have a couple of classes out of the way so I'm starting a little bit ahead and plan to work through it as fast as I can so I can actually get started working. One of the instructors told me that what will hold me up will be getting the clinical hours in because they have to be done with a class. Hopefully if you get really far ahead you can get in with one of the other classes going on a clinical if they have space.
    What were your experiences?
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    Nobody? Well, we had our orientation this afternoon. It's not self-paced, it's self-directed - whatever that means. It's scheduled to take about 15 months but she said the students who don't have a family, don't work, and don't have a life (that's me!) can finish in under 9. Unfortunately the school also takes a 6 week break in the summer so that will slow things down. I'm planning to also take chemistry this summer though so it will give me more time to study for that class.
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    I guess this means you teach yourself?
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    Quote from CRNASOMEDAY25
    I guess this means you teach yourself?
    Well, the way it was explained is that there are some lectures and the teachers lead the labs but all homework and testing is your responsibility. You can also go as fast as you want, or as slow (within reason).