Second Degree BSN?

  1. Good Day to all,

    Im a 23 y/o in banking industry looking to get into nursing. I'm kinda lost b/c I love medicine and was thinking of becoming a doctor, but the years of schooling and the lack of interaction at times seems grueling. I thinking of switching to nursing (which everyone thinks I have lost my sanity) b/c I'd like to help people, the money isn't bad, and it might give me a chance to explore the healthcare industry. My question is this ... when you are a nurse, what opportunities do you have for advancement? I know you have your MSN/NP positions, but do RN's with a business background move up into management or go for MBA for hospital admin positions? I guess I Just want to know my lateral movements or upward movements. I'm looking at an accelerated one year Second Degree BSN program in philadelphia then starting working and go on for my masters (once I figure out what I'd like to do) but I'm trying to figure out my options!

    Additionally, with your BSN, you are still interacting with patients or are the LPN's and aides doing the grunt work? (i guess that would depend on the hospital staffing right?)

    Also, are their SOME good working relationships out there with docs/nurses?

    Thanks for your help!:roll
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  3. by   EmeraldNYL
    Hi, I'm currently in Drexel's ACE BSN program, PM me if you want some more info. on the program. I know that Jefferson also has a one year program. I was previously a biology major. I know that there is a lot of flexibility in nursing-- there are so many different things you can do. Clinically, you can get a master's and become a NP, CNM, CNS, or CRNA. If you want to get into business/management, you can get your MBA or a master's in nursing leadership. You can also be a legal nurse consultant, or you can start your own company (I know of a nurse run Botox clinic near Philly). Or, you can even get your PhD and teach. I suggest you lurk around this BB for awhile, you might want to visit the Nursing Activism and General Nursing boards so you know more fully what you are getting into-- there are a lot of opportunities in nursing but there are also some issues/problems. Good luck with whatever you decide!
  4. by   bzaslow
    Go for it..... I have a BA degree in psychology and then went for my BSN in an accelerated program. I think nurses are limited only by their desires and motivation. Nurses with a BSN (or even an AD) work in all levels of upper management. Your background in banking would make you a natural for any of the financial aspects of health care, if that is what you are interested in. You may prefer to be a staff nurse and do direct patient care or you can be the vice-president of clinical services in a large hospital. It is really up to you, your skills and your ambitions. If you want to get your MSN later it would make you even more marketable but you don't need it for most jobs. Good luck!
  5. by   renerian
    Myhubby has a BSN, MBA, CNAA and he runs a hospice. You seem like if you got an MBA with a health care tract you could do health care management.

  6. by   TheBrainMusher
    Thanks so much for replying! I appreciate any insight as I am mightly confused by this transition into a whole new world! Anyone else have any input even about nursing school/nursing in general?
  7. by   renerian
    Be prepared to work your noogies off.........need I say more. Well worth the effort though........give yourself plenty of time for the coursework and there is mostly waiting lists for nursing school. The schools are really backlogged with people waiting to get into the ones in Columbus.

    Good luck with your decision,