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    NHCTC-Laconia in New Hampshire has no wait lists. Deadline for applying is Feb. 1st. Last year everyone that qualified got in. They did waitlist some but went right thru that and some that applied just before the semester got in. Some requirements are HS Bio and Algebra and a NLN test. Tuition is very reasonable and class sizes are small.

    Welcome- NHCTC Laconia, Community College programs include ASEP, computer tech, marine technology, graphics
    I have many resources in NH. This sounds like a good choice for me! Thanks for the info!
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    I wish we had something like that here in Australia ....I want to try & get in to do my Nursing Degree through a Hospital rather than TAFE ....

    Australia is crying out for Doctors & Nurses & have been recruiting from overseas...Our health system is in much cost cutting & cutting back on nurses puts the whole health industry in good if those higher up could see it though.!

    If you want a lucative career you should start a new Nursing Agency because they are always short ...cannot fill the many shifts availabe ...keeps me busy! I work for an shortage here!

    Oh well move on & upward !
    I'd like you to elaborate on your message - Are you saying that nobody's enrolling in Nursing schools? Or that there are not enough nursing schools to go around? The situation here is that there are not enough teachers (teacher salary is not enough to lure Nurses away from practice). Please let me know!
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    I am a 29 year old woman who has a BA in interior architecture/design. I live in NYC and over the past year I have decided I want to become a nurse. I feel SO great about this decision and I have never wanted anything more in my life. I have been researching heavily for the past 8 months and I am currently on the path to taking all my pre-reqs at a community college in nyc starting this summer. Once all my pre-reqs are completed I will be applying to several accelerated BSN programs throughout the country, but mostly in nyc. I will go anywhere that will accept me!!!

    but lately I have been feeling pretty discouraged I know how hard it is to get into nursing school and how important your gpa is. I'm scared that it will be really hard for me to get into an accelerated bsn program because my gpa from my BA is only a 2.8

    BUT the program I was in was VERY hard to get into and is so competitive [the top ranked interior architecture program in the country] and it was also a 5 year program. our PORTFOLIOS were what were most important NOT our gpa's and I was one of the top students in my class! just making it through that program with anything above a 2.5 was considered a huge accomplishment.

    I guess what i'm looking for are any stories of people who got into programs relatively quickly, despite lower gpa's. I have some really great recommendation letters, my personal essay will be great, I'm doing volunteer work in a hospital, and I will HOPEFULLY get a 4.0 on all my pre-reqs as I know how important all A's will be!

    I don't mind waiting a while to get into a program but i'm hoping i don't have to wait more than 2 years after i'm done with all my pre-reqs.

    my other question is do you think schools will finally give you a chance if you apply like 4 times?! do they finally let you in if you meet all of their requirements and continue to apply for years?!

    I need some encouragement. I really have never wanted anything more in my life and am willing to do whatever it takes to become a nurse!

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    I'm 29 also and I attend NCC in Long Island, currently taking my Pre-req. Don't give up your dream to become a nurse. You do not have to travel out of state to accomplish your goal. Do your research! Try Molly College they don't usually have a waiting list in the fall semester. I spoke with a represetaive from the school. Also try Farmingdale in LI.
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    Hello all,
    I am new to this site. I am wondering if anyone knows how many people apply to the El Centro/Northlake nursing program in Dallas. If anyone who was accepted is reading this, I ask, how long did it take you to get in?
    I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you.
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    Houston Community College's method of acceptance into the nursing program is a first-come, first serve enrollment into the Pharmacology class. All you need are a fre prereqs. If you get a decent grade, you'll get into the nursing program.
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    Clarke College in Dubuque, Iowa has no waiting list.
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    Virginia: at last report, Paul D. Camp Community College (with locations in Suffolk, Franklin, and Smithfield) still has no waiting list for their RN program.
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    My son attends Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK....and there is NO wait list, and everyone who applies to the nursing program, basically gets in. You just have to promise to keep your grades above 2.5 if they are lower.

    Here is a link.....I almost thought about going to live with my son for a couple of years to get my BSN...its seems like a deal and a half if you have the ability to go there, and also the tuition, which is a private University, so it runs about $25k per year, but that includes room and board and books, so by the time he graduates, it will have cost over $100k!!! Even the state schools cost around $20k per year now adays....we made a deal with our kids that we will pay for half of their student loans, and they need to pay for 1/2....that way they have a sense of responsibility and too bad we didn't save for our kid's college. I feel so bad about that, but who the heck knew college would be 3x what it was when my hubby and I went!!

    Here is the link:

    Maybe it will help someone out there

    I really would love, love to go there, but its not feasible with my hubby in CA, and my other son in college in I am doing the LVN first, and the school I am attending, Stanbridge, is doing the LVN to RN program next year, right after I graduate, and they said that once you graduate the LVN, you are basically in the RN long as you do graduate and can afford their program....hopefully they will have some sort of student loan. I think it will be about $50k for their RN program!!! GULP!!

    I will have to wait and see if it is worth it. I could do the Indiana State U. online for a BSN for around $8000 I think....but, they require sooo many pre-reqs, and Standbridge teaches all the pre-reqs, so you won't have to worry about doing it first or separate. I kinda like the idea of just rolling right into the RN program, no thinking involved, just start with them, and then finish!

    I think it would be easier to get a BSN after the RN, although does it really really matter to have a BSN out there???

    Have a great week!!!

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    any schools with minimum prereq required for spring2017?